Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I am in love with:

Here are some of my most recent pin loves:

I like to hang pictures like this and i love the organised papers!!

I love white!!! and i love plain but beautiful things like this way of displaying garlic:

Beautiful bells:

I'd like curtains like this - not sure where:

Well said:

Fab idea:

I completely agree with this. Kids will remember the shouting, the nagging, the time you didn't spend with them.
So don't spend the holidays and weekends sorting you're house out!!! Spend the time with them, let them do fun things with their family! Teach from example. The kids won't remember you're clean perfect house. They will remember the days out, fun mum and dad. Change you're attitude before its too late.

I love sunny yellow and i love picnics:

I favour white calm rooms that can have touches of colour added, I am so in love with this throw:

Mmmm a splash of turquoise!!!

Great kitchen:

The little one and i have been using these different sayings at bedtime:


Too cute:

I hate matching furniture!!! I am looking for a beaten wooden trunk for the seating area in the dining room and i may look for something like this in the lounge:

I store stationary in our many spare mugs. 

I love pinterest for great ideas!!


Todays lovely things:

1) Playing a funny sort of Top Trumps with the youngest (He knows the numbers, but can't read the words)
2) 3 bunches of beautiful tulips dotted around the house from the hubbie.
3) Finally getting some order to the eldests bedroom whilst he was at school


Julie said...

Love the crochet throw on the bed!

Country Rabbit said...

oh' my yessy so many beautiful and wonderful inspirations ;0)xx....its my down fall though instead of being creative i spend too much, wayyyy too much time drooling over others creative makings hehe ;0)x

Christals Creations said...

There is a shop by us that sells battered old trunks and stuff turned into cupboards they are fab.
We have been to the Colchester Swallows and the East Harling one. The EH one is awesome for fish. Colchester is great for an all round day out. Has a summer boating lake!
:o) xx

Monica said...

Lovely ideas! Love the crocheted blanket on the bed! Should I make one?? :)

SarahB said...

Oooh, some lovely Pins there!!

I'm with you on hating matching furniture!!

S x

Josie-Mary said...

I love Pinterest!! The bears are too cute :) x

magie said...

Inspiring photo's! I like the little pom-poms on the curtains and the lovely turquoise coloured items.
I love mis-matched furniture as well..I always think it is far more interesting when things mis-match :)
Have a lovely day today