Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My craft room

This weekend i started to tackle my craft room - just one side.
I am really happy with it, its so pretty. 
At the moment the walls have a purple wallpaper on them, but eventually i will change it.

And just to show you its not all perfect - here is the otherside of the room!!!
lots to do still!!


Todays lovely things:

1) Sewing whilst listening to Greg James on Radio 1 with a cup of tea.
2) A friend being pleased with a gift i made her.
3) The cutest kisses and cuddles with little boy.


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Lovely Lissy ..... I've lost mine temporarily now that the family have moved back in but hey ho I can be planning it again in the meantime x

Florence and Mary said...

Looking fab so far! I love when you have one perfect side of a room and then turn and the other is a complete mess!

Victoria xx

Rayanne said...

Very, very cute and cheerful! Thanks for sharing.

Josie-Mary said...

Looking good..... glad you showed the other side too!! x

Blueberry Heart said...

lovely! I need a boot up the backside to get mine in order!
BH x

magie said...

So pretty! You have some lovely decorations. I love the little rabbit and the bunting!


Hej Lisa
Thanks for the well wishes ;-)
Your craft room is looking good...nice to have your own space.

Callies Cottage said...

Lovely Lovely Lovely!Prettiness is good for the soul..
And I laughed out loud at the other side too...we all have that area somewhere..
Warm Wishes,
Callie x

Nattie said...

Awww now that it lovely, that is. And I love your vintage curtain, so pretty billowing in the breeze. I would adore a space like this to make and have fun in. Lucky you!
Nattie x

YarnRoundHook said...

Your craft room is looking fabulous and I am coveting your Kate Greenaway tin. I want one!!! Where'd you get it, if you don't mind me asking?

Pink Milk said...

Gorgeous piccies of your craft room - I especially love the lacy ones!


SarahB said...

Ooooh, look at all those tins and jars!! I'd love to have a rummage!!

I love looking at people's craft rooms!!

S x

♥ Miss Tea said...

so so pretty! love the tins, the cute ribbons and the lovely curtain, everything just look so pretty! I always wanted to do my small computer room and change it into a craft room but still lazy to tackle the job teehee :)

xx susan

Isobel said...

Such a pretty room you have. So many cute things.
A total delight!

RosieP said...

It's looking really good, I wish I had a room for my sewing.

Hugs Jillx

Pretty at Heart said...

So organised but pretty at the same time - should have showed us the before first, cos then I had to look back at the nice side to remember what I had seen - lol!

BuTtOnZ said...

Wow, that's a gorgeous half a room you got there!!! I hope when I eventually get my own place that it has a small room I can turn into my very own craft room xxx

Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog whilst researching Pinmill Cottage! Thinking about it for family hols...
Love your blog and love your silver Bambi charm! Piccies are cute and it's scary to read all the things you like...I could be reading about myself! J x
PS, I didn't really understand all the profiles so just went for anon!

LissyLou said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm not really sure about the profiles either. I think you need an account to leave a name etc. pin mill cottage is really lovely. My only one downside was that the fridge isn't in the kitchen and the table and chairs are patio furniture, so not very comfy!! But it wouldn't put me off staying there. I love padstow and I'd would certainly use padstow cottages again. I'd probably try a different one just because I've already been there. I loved how that one had a beachy feel xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi again - just wanted to let you know that I discovered another cottage - - Southern Comfort in St Ives (google it) - it looks super-cute! :-)

LissyLou said...

Yes that looks nice and I love st Ives. I like the look of a cottage in sheringham Norfolk too called coopers retreat I may book it for the end of the year xx

Anonymous said...

That looks lovely - have you been to Sheringham before? We stayed in Blakeney last year at Blackbird Cottage (v cute) but went to Sheringham and had lunch (and lush flapjack) at The Funky Mackeral cafe - a definite must visit on your list! It's got a rummage room which is fab! Have fun :-)) BTW, do you use to upload your instagram pics??