Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The boys

At the handmade and vintage fair on Saturday, i made the decision to not look around so i wasn't tempted to buy anything. My Mum came back and said 'i've seen something i think you'll like over at a stall selling signs'. She said to me that if i walked over there and liked the same thing she was thinking of, she would get it for me. The stall had gorgeous signs, but this one (lucky for me, the one that she was thinking of) stood right out!!! Isn't it great?  i've never seen this quote written about boys before:

I am so thankful to have my two boys. Believe me, there have been a few horrible obstacles before, during and after having having them.
I have always wanted two boys, below are my 'first' two little boys. John and James (Not my boys names). I would of course been happy if i had a little girl. But ever since i was little, boys have been my preference - not quite sure why. Maybe because i remember girls being cruel and bitchy at school? Also a family friend had two boys and i always loved how their family was, so close and lovely.

When i set up this blog, LissyLou and the 2 little boys, i wondered if i should give it that name, as if i carried on blogging for a few years, they wouldn't stay little. But i decided to stick with it, as they will always be 'my little boys' even when they are taller than me!! This last year i have changed my header to just LissyLou as now both boys are at school, i don't blog about them quite so much.

Let me tell you a bit about the two 'not quite so little' boys:

The littlest aged 4:

Loves Toy Story/ Huggle buddies/ and lots of cushions on his bed - he's a snuggler!!

Since he was very young, he started taking Humphrey and Jack to bed with him. Luckily, for me, he love Humphreys Corner!!!

When he comes home from school, he takes the stickers off his jumper and puts them on his desk:

He loves music. He loves to make a noise with all his intruments. Both boys are very much into music, probably because me and their dad are. We were not the sort to listen to kids music in the car when they were younger, the boys have had to listen to our music. The youngest loves Bruno Mars, Tinie Tempah, Jessie J and Rizzle Kicks and the eldest is into Green Day, Tinie Tempah, Cher Lloyd, Rizzle kicks, and Dizee Rascal.

Back to the littlest: He loves to bake cakes and he loves to eat!!!!! He still likes to play with his cooking things in the playhouse and take our orders!!

His favourite colour is orange. I couldn't resist this tee. Orange and food!!! perfect!!

More about the youngest: He is really tall, he towers over the much older children in his class. (Being an August baby he is one of the youngest). He is seriously nuts!! He loves to dance and joke around. He loves the company of our male mates and his uncles. He loves olives and apple juice. He is pretty good but compared to our eldest he seems like a terror. He loves to watch Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly, Mr Bean, Fireman Sam and Tom and Jerry. He loves going to school but would rather play than learn.

The eldest aged 9:

 Loves to read. He reads all sorts. He loves to learn and is one of the cleverest in his class, pretty good seeing as he is also an August child.

This last year or two, he has really formed a love for Football. This comes really from his Pop and Uncles. 

He loves Moshi Monsters:

He has a serious passion for cars. Honestly he lives, sleeps and breathes cars!!!!
He is constantly looking out the window, loves to watch Top Gear, reads about them, plays with 100's of Hot Wheels, races on computer games etc etc.
His dream job would be to be The Stig or a Top Gear Presenter.

 His favourite food is fried egg and chips:

He would attend clubs everynight if he could. He loves cub scouts, fencing, gardening and golf at the moment but has also tried his hand at dance, gymnastics and football. He is not scared to try anything!!

He has a fish called Tom (there used to be a Jerry too). This fish is nearly 5 years old. The fish were bought as tester pets really. 'If you can look after a fish, you can maybe have another pet'. Well, this fish would be dead if it wasn't for me!!!! other pets in our household!!! They have to make do with visiting the family dog at their Nan and Pops house.

Both boys are vegetarian. I am a veggie. I did start feeding the eldest chicken and fish when he was one but then just couldn't do it. If i find something disgusting i just can't give it to my kids. Both boys as they are getting older can make their own minds up. I do tell them where meat comes from and they are both Viva! activists. The eldest has even been in a book! I think my oldest boy will always be a veggie. 
These are their favourite gelatine free sweets: (Did anyone see how chewy sweets like Haribo are made? on supersize v superskinny last week. Yuk!!! I don't know how anyone can let their kids eat them, veggie or not!!!

More about the eldest:
He is really chatty and has always been confident chatting to other kids and adults. He is thoughtful and will do things like go into see his Great Nan without being asked and just chat and chat to her. He is not a fast runner bless him!! (just like his parents) but is good at quieter sports like golf, fishing, archery and fencing. He is really pale like his mum and dad and burns really easily. He loves to play cards with his family. He can be pretty stubborn at times and has just started the tween strops up to his bedroom if he doesn't get his way! He gives the best cuddles ever!!!! He is not worried about kissing people, he sees his uncles, pop and dad kiss and hug each other hello and goodbye. The only person he doesn't like to kiss at the school gate is his 'annoying little brother'.


Todays lovely things:

1) My man is off work ill, but i have to say it was nice to sit next to him on the sofa with a cuppa this morning.
2) Washing on the line.
3) Putting on a pair of new very cute duck print socks.


Beki said...

Lovely post, sounds like you have 2 amazing boys.
I always wanted 4 boys, all close in age, that didn't work out for me but that said I wouldn't change my girl for the world.

B xxx

VintageVicki said...

Your 2 little boys sound so like my 2 much bigger boys - the loves of Toy Story, clubs, Humphrey and reading I can easily relate too.

I hate the negativity surrounding having 2 boys - so often asked was I going to try again for a girl :( Nope - I love my 2 so much and wouldn't swap them for an army of little girls.

BTW mine are 14 & 16 and apart from the odd blip they are both lovely, handsome and amazing young men :)

LissyLou said...

Beki, my mother in law had 4 boys!!!!

LissyLou said...

Thanks for this comment. Yes I got the are u going to try for a girl comments!!! The only reason I have sometimes wanted a girl in the past is because of little girly bits to buy. I buy then for myself though!! Lol Xxxxx

Country Rabbit said...

lovely post- lovely words on the sign ;0) mother was lucky she had two of each- two girls two boys...we had such a big family- i thought i would too, but life is not always a fairytale and sometimes you dont always get what you want- i would have loved more children. but now im realising how lucky i am to have a healthy, happy , kind, sweet girl to cherish and love...;0)

your boys are precious and are really lucky to have such a kind, loving, talented mummy xxxx