Wednesday, 28 March 2012

March photo challenge update

Green: Came into my bedroom to find this dinosaur on the bed - perfect i thought, for my green picture!

Corner of my home: The dining room -  Fake orchid covering up the real one until it grows, lovely daffs, my favourite candlestick, 50 reasons why i love you handmade playing cards.

Funny - little one singing Grand old Duke of York to people at the bus stop opposite!

Before and After:

Delicious: Breakfast!!

Kitchen sink: I didn't even have to stage this! luckily my sink had a couple of pretties on it.

Moon: Taken from a Nursery ryhme book i had as a child.

Animal: Bonnie the dog.

 Key: This key is in my printer tray. It was given to me my my late Nan and Grandad to wish me luck in my exams when i was in my early teens.

My name: Well my blog name (A nickname i remember a family friend calling me) This is on the lovely notebook that Sharon (The craftytrundler) made me.

Trash: Ready to go in the recycling bin.


Lovely things:

1) Watching 18 and counting - my new favourite family.
2) Trying on a dress and finding it now fits!!!
3) Working really hard at Pilates.

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Clare said...

I do like that candlestick... and the plate the chocs were on!