Monday, 12 March 2012

New things

Isn't this wonderful? Made by Josie Mary. It smells yummy too. What a great Jubilee keepsake. I love The Royals!!

One of my earliest memories is being at playschool sitting at a big table on a bench, little legs hanging, drinking milk from bottles with a straw. I was so excited to spot this:

New ribbons for new makes:

These are often so pricy. I was lucky to find this one at a reasonable price. I love them!!!


Todays lovely things:

1) The wonderful laugh that came from my youngest son when he spotted a hole in his brothers pants.
2) Kindness from a friend.
3) Coming in grabbing a quick cuppa and watching an episode of Friends.


Josie-Mary said...

Thank you for featuring me.... glad you like it :) I love the milk bottle, I hated milk at school... it put me off for life!! x

LaaLaa said...

Lovely hanger! Joe's clever, isn't she? xx

♥ Miss Tea said...

so envious! love the ribbon and the crate, the milk bottle is just too cute! the hanger is lovely!

x susan

Twiggy said...

Oooo what lovely things,the milk bottle takes me back to primary school and little bottles of milk with cream on top :)
Twiggy x