Friday, 2 March 2012

Photo challenge/ my brave boy/ new things

This post incorporates The February/March photo challenges. (PC)

(PC) Money: This is the jar that all our spare change goes in......normally just the pennies as all the other change is used on carparks/school dinners etc.

I bought some cute candy coloured bracelets a couple of weeks ago. I love how they look on this beautiful old silver dish (A wedding present of my late Nan and Grandads). I love old and new together.

On Wednesday my eldest boy (9) went into hospital for a lip cyst removal. The hospital was fantastic (we are very lucky to have private health care through my husbands work). We were there at 7.30am and by 8.30am he was in theatre. The wonderful nurse, Micheal brought us in tea and biscuits whilst we waited.

In an hour our very brave boy was back in the room feeling very sleepy:

(PC) Listening to: An hour later he was sitting up watching his favourite Top Gear on the telly and filling his belly with egg and chips: (And me and hubbie had a very nice 3 course meal too)

Micheal gave him a bravery hat, with another use for the journey home ;)
Luckily it wasn't needed.

Well done to my wonderful brave boy - love you xx


(PC) Fruit:

(PC) Up - i took this photo yesterday lunchtime. It was so warm out!!! i like how the picture looks like an evening shot!!

I just went and bought some Easter bits. These Beatrix potter lovelies are a bit pricy, but, oh so gorgeous and i will use the egg hunt kit again and again!!!!

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Todays lovely things:

1) Belly laughing at Pilates (The Monday group is so quiet, but the ladies at the Friday group are hilarious!!!)
2) Seeing rows and rows of daffodils about.
3) pleased my boy is back at school and his swelling has gone right down :)


Bee happy said...

Such a brave boy, hate the hospital! private seems much much nicer :) love your bracelets so pretty and a gorgeous tray too, have a great weekend sweetie

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Isobel said...

Your boy was really brave indeed. Love your pictures. Specially the ones of the Easter treats. :)
Glad that all is well with you. :)

Lisa said...

I love the idea of the bravery hat! So glad all went well for your little one.
Lisa x

Betsy said...

That bravery hat was just the cutest idea. I'm glad all went well. Thanks so much for joining me as a follower at The Little Red Hen at Home--I just joined you as well!


Saphy said...

yes that bravery hat is a great idea. glad your little one is better.

Bohomumma said...

ah your brave boy! Well done him, bet you are glad that's over with - hope he makes a quick recovery x

Monica said...

Glad all went well for your boy...
The Beatrix Potter set looks stunning!

♥ Miss Tea said...

awwww hugs to the brave boy! glad all went well! i love the photos you took as usual, I missed alot of photo challenge as i've been sick :) the bravery hat is so cute!

x susan