Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mothers day weekend:

 I made some of my favourite cupcakes for family:

This really is fantastic if you don't eat eggs:

I am amazed at how excited i got over edible glitter!!

On Saturday we headed to Brighton for Vegfest and to visit my favourite restaurant.

A bit of rain doesn't dampen our day!!

Loved the name of this beer!!!

Mmmmm pomegranate cosmos:

 This is the best vegan chocolate torte ever!!!

Time to head home:

Sunday was really lovely. I had a lay in and then a cup of tea, chocs, biscuits and presents brought to me:

I was really spoilt, it was like my birthday!!
The boys had bought me some bubble fizzers from school, and the hubbie had got me the Kirstie Allsopp sewing basket and baking set, completely off his own back, i have never even seen them before so i was pretty impressed!!

I came downstairs to this: ( Can't believe he managed to find my teapot and cosie!!)

A great veggie breakfast:

I had a lovely undisturbed hot bath and then we had a lovely meal here in the evening with family.

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

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Lovely things:

1) Catching up with a friend and her gorgeous baby.
2) Watching Homeland whilst cuddling on the sofa with my man.
3) Eskimo and butterfly kisses from my boys.


Isobel said...

Seems that you had a fantastic mother's day. The presents are super!


Hello Lisa
So lovely to see how your boys spoilt you ;-)
Thanks for the tip
My Dad flew back today...;'( but I'm over 3rd week in April so I'll will definitely be treating my Dad to a dinner date here
What's Sunday lunch like?
Have a good week ahead

Gem said...

It looks as though you had a lovely weekend. Mother's day round yours sounds amazing, What great gifts :) x x x x

Kath said...

Wow what a perfect weekend! Where did you eat in Brighton? Looks amazing...and a gorgeous treat from your boys too...lovely! Xxx

Rayanne said...

Yummy...I'm hungry now!! Great post.

Country Rabbit said...

wow thats soooooo lovely xxxxx
look at all your treats and your sea side visit ;0) how blissful xxxxx

♥ Miss Tea said...

awww lucky you! love the gifts your hubby gave you and how sweet of him to prepare breakfast for you, love the pink heart mixing bowl you have and the name of the beer makes me smile!

Happy Mother's Day to you!

x susan