Wednesday, 14 April 2010

New work room!!! yay!!

♥My new work/spare room is up and running!!♥
There is still alot to do, but at least it is ready for me to start crafting once the kids go back after Easter hols.

Would you like a look around?


Come on then!!

There are lots of wonderful items from bloggers in this room. Gifts and pressies!!
Here is where i am writing this post right now.

The t.v still needs an ariel....but how lovely...i'll be able to watch This Morning while i'm crafting and the little ones at preschool! 
The shelves above have some inspirational books, a tin of pencils, notepaper and notebooks, jars and tins of bits and bobs......The lovely Stanley dog was given to me in a swap from Silkie Sue, theres a little tin from her up there as well and a beautiful heart painting that i bought from the Red Heart Day (That day was a lot of hard work, but one plus for me, was i got first choice :)
You can also see a pink pot that i made with fabric from Sal's Snippets, some craft goodies from Lobster and swan, a teacup pic from Dolly Dollop and a pretty crafted box from Bekimarie.
And i love the crocheted hearts from Bliss.....another Red Heart buy.

Do you remember this little lovely??
Its the fairy i bought from My sweet fairy at the country living christmas fair.....esp for my new room!!

Here is the little red sewing machine that i will soon be spending much more time at....with my lovely needlecase from Its Gorgeous. My tin of buttons and a lovely pincushion i bought from (i think?) Lalababy (Red heart day)
And the gorgeous cloth i got in a swap from Ticking stripes.

A bigger look at my pot of scraps and a lovely heart basket that my mum bought for me with some scraps all cut up and ready to and pride of place for my new CK bag. (This room is right of the hall and the first room you come to when you enter the front the cupboards hold coats and shoes.....i can show my bag off here and grab it when i need to go out. I used to want the door to this room closed all the time, but now its so pretty, it can stay open for everyone to see!!)

I have put a few magnets on the radiator.....Miffy with her daisy dress, some buttons from The colour swap and thats me!!!!! when i was about 5/6.
 (don't you just love the fringe??) is the other side:
 I need to get another throw for the sofabed and want some pretty cushions too.
On the bedside (which has some hidden storage) i want a new cloth.
Above are the shelves waiting for some organised folders/mag files.
You can see The sunday tickler up there already and Billy Bear (He has been with me and the hubbie for a long time)
And a string of pictures, that i can change when i feel like it...with the pretty heart pegs from a swap.
I used to have photos covering the cupboards in i want a much cleaner look, so they will be flashing around on this digital frame that my inlaws got me a while ago. Theres also some coasters, a lamp and a clock for visitors when they stay.

Hanging on the doors now is a pretty red heart (please remind me if you made this...i think it may have been Ellieweb from ssc) it was also an item i bought from the Red heart day.

And i've put up a pretty heart garland from Lynn. (Red heart)
Big thank yous to the ladies that have contributed to my room (even though some of you, red heart ladies, would not have even been aware). I'll be showing you a few other bits i got from red heart day soon too and probably more bits from bloggers that will be added to this room.....i love having you all around me for inspiration!!!

A quick note on Weightloss Wednesday:
I was ill this week (sickness bug) so not sure if losing 2 pounds really counts..hee hee.
Have been fairly good with portion control this week.
See you next week....hopefully i can keep that 2 pounds off!!



VintageVicki said...

Your room looks great :)

In my sewing / spare room I've got lots of the lovely bits & pieces I've received from other bloggers as part of swaps & giveaways. Always hope the creative energy will rub off on me :)

a mermaids purse said...

awwwww i love your studio all your treasures and keep sakes, lovely home made goodies and delightful to see ;0)xxxx do you know i treasured my own bedroom as a child, i had to share for many years in bunk beds cos of being a twin and having two older brothers as well, but when i finally got my own room i remember such joy in decorating it with all my special things that meant so much...i dont think ive ever forgotten that feeling of decorating a little personal space of ones own! Such a joy...Enjoy your 'me' space ;0)xxxx

Little Bear Stories said...

looks like a lovely inspiring room, lots of work will get done here i'm sure! x

Anonymous said...

Did you hear me stamping my feet and having a paddy? Envy - not an attractive quality but I WANT ONE TOO! Lucky you, it's a lovely space (don't think I'd ever come out)!xx

Florence and Mary said...

Your new room looks fantastic! I want to come over and craft in there.

Well done on the weight loss, there has to be something good about being unwell hasn't there! I'm back on the WW properly this week... you should've seen me Sunday weighing everything out in my freezer and making my meals plans.

Victoria xx

Pixiedust said...

Your craft room looks lovely. I'm sure you'll be spending lots of time in there crafting. xxx Pixie xxx

....cupcakesandbiscuits said...

Lovely, I'm jealous, a whole room, imagine!!!!
A little crafting haven!!

The v word is hooker...heehee!

vintage girl said...

Oh my I am so jealous! your craft room is lovely! I wish I had a spare room! Hope you get lots of free time to spend in there crafting. That little fairy is adorable. Lisa x

Lululiz said...

You won't want to come out of there ever again, lol. Its looking really fabulous.

MelMel said...

ooohhhh that is lovely!

Serenata said...

CraftyHelen isn't the only one stamping her feet and having a paddy! ;-0

It looks lovely!

Kirsty said...

it looks just lovely! I really wish I could have a room just for myself. One day I guess, but shouldn't wish the kids to leave home just yet ;o)

charl said...

wow what a fab space.. i am very envious!!!.. i think to have your own sewing/craft room has to be just the bestest ever!!!..
i do keep looking at were i could have mine but there just doesnt seem to a spare corner..
well done on making it lovely.. i love all the bits and pieces and its so nice that they all have little stories behind.

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

I love your new work room, and I think the 2 lbs definitely count! I always lose weight when I am depressed and stressed - it's the only upside. (At the moment I am happy and at my heaviest. Oh well!)


A Country Girl said...

It looks wonderful - how lovely to have your own space. Lucky you!

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo Lissy, your room looks lovely, so homely and full of love, thank you for sharing it.

Popping on quickly to say thank you for your special comment on my post, your kind words meant alot to me, and you know what, I felt your special (((((hug))))) right through that little screen, fank u X

Scented Sweetpeas said...

It looks fab fab fab - when can I move in lol :-)

Alisa said...

Oh it's lovely! You lucky girl! I have a corner in my bedroom, but someday, I'll have a whole room! lol

Kelly said...

Lovely room! you must be so pleased! Now If you could just come over and sort out mine!!!

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi - thanks for popping over - what a lovely blog you have!! - I'm off to have a look - xxx

Purple Sparkle said...

What a lovely workroom you have! I love your red sewing machine!
Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

Lisa said...

Your room is looking really lovely. I do like those white shelves.
All the heart and little containers make it look so neat and pretty.
Lisa x

karen said...

Thankyou for popping by and saying hello! I love your latest post! I see lots that I like!!!! Look forward to following youxxxxx

Michelle said...

your room is adorable !!! I love it ... God I wish mine was that tidy ... I can just about open the door to get into it lately. Thanks for your lovely comment x

roseylittlethings said...

sorry you were sick but 2 lbs is 2 lbs:)

LoloDesigns said...

You must be so gloriously happy! The room is looking lovely, perfect for crafting. Bet it makes you smile everytime you go in there, I know mine does :o) Have fun. xx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Doesn't your room look lovely!! So neat, tidy and inviting!!! You have some really pretty things around!! Sorry you have been sick, hope you are better now!! But hey 2lbs!!!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Ooh it looks so lovely and a great spot to craft in.

Hope you're feeling better soon by the way.

Susie's country cottage said...

I would give anything to have a nice work room like that. You must be thrilled with it.
Susie said...

I love your room, it is so cosy and inviting and filled with lovely goodies! suzie xxx

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

Your room looks so well organised and calm ~ a perfect place to retreat and get creative! I love all your hearts ~ can't get enough of them...oh, and the CK bag too ~ I just treated myself to one ~ a guilty pleasure...
Have fun stitching with your gorgeous red sewing machine!
Ali x

Louise said...

I know just how you feel as I've a room shaping up to be my creative space too! A virtual no-go area for my OH, he's got a workshop all to himself! I can see how much you are going to love spending time in yours, and it's so nice to be surrounded by pretty bits 'n bobs from friends too. x