Thursday, 1 April 2010

Lots of reasons to be happy!!

Following on from my 101 Small daily pleasures, i have been writing out lists of things that make me happy.

So here are the first 100 things!!

1.Big stripy coloured beach balls

3.A hole in one on miniture golf
4.Sunday papers
6.Ducklings on a pond
7.Museum shops
8.Finding loose change in pockets/bags
9.Picking strawberries
10.Homemade cards

11.Walt Disney World
12.A babys first tooth
13.Supermarket coupons
14.Spring blossom

15.Rosy cheeks
16.Bread rolls at restaurants
17.Window shopping
18.Hotel Stationary
19.Over body bags
20.Barbar (The elephant)

21.Dreamless nights
22.Ripe Melons
23.A vase of anemones
24.Face creams
26.Fortune cookies

27.Buttering very hot toast so that it melts in
28.2 Minute rice
29.White Christmas - film
30.Warm french bread

31.Soaps and sachets in drawers and cupboards
33.Hairdryers in hotel rooms when you have forgotten to pack one
34.Cherry tomatoes
35.Miniture jars of jam
36.Blowing out candles

37.Coffee tables
38.When you drop a cup and it doesn't break
39.Baby Boom - The film
40.Books you have highlighted favourite bits of

41.Old red British post boxes
42.White shutters
43.Curious George
44.Park benches

45.Skating rinks
46.Stockings hung by a fireplace
47.Returning a smile
48.Crayons and paper for children at restaurants
49.Airing your quilt
50.Your favourite cozy chair and a good book

51.Unbitten fingernails
52.A tin of yummy biscuits, preferbly chocolate
53.Marker pens, especially pink and yellow ones


56.Childhood friendships

57.Oven mitts
58.Purple heather on hillsides
59.Crumpets with butter
60.Singing your favourite songs in the car


62.The click of a closing purse or bag
63.English breakfasts
65.Undisturbed sleep
66.Comfy chairs in bookshops
67.Elegant teacups and saucers
68.Cake stands
69.Church bells
70.Baked beans

71.Window seats
72.Antique maps
73.Throwing coins into a fountain
74.Tree lined streets
75.Booths in restaurants
76.Pop up books

77.Tissue paper
78.Rubber stamps
80.Churros covered in sugar and cinnamon with warm chocolate sauce to dip

81.New babies
82.Biscuit cutters
83.The sound of horses hooves clip clopping
84.Post it notes

86.Pretty doormats
87.Travel games
88.A moist slice of carrot cake with plenty of butter frosting
89.Four leaf clovers
90.Tea in a teapot

91.Jam tarts
92.Pizza cutters
93.Tree houses
94.The smell of a delicate rose
95.Receiving a post card

96.Picnic baskets

97.The smell of a cake baking
98.Long swishy skirts

99.Clear nail polish
100.Believing in yourself

 Have a happy Easter....i'll be back on Easter Sunday to announce the winner of my giveaway.



Scented Sweetpeas said...

Love these. Re cake stands, I have one but it is too cute to hide away so I pop fruit in it :-)

MelMel said...

What joyful post......have a super weekend..xx

Florence and Mary said...

Happy Easter!!

Victoria xx

....cupcakesandbiscuits said...

I am fearful of making such a list and reading back to discover how many varieties of cakes I have written......
Loved yours!
I'm away for Easter so when I win (heehee!)and you can't get hold of me, you'll know why! (Fingers crossed!!!)

Kissed by an Angel said...

Happy Easter to you!

a mermaids purse said...

i love this idea! there's so many things i love- and the best thing to do is remember all the lovelies in the world when you have blue days coz its a great pick me up! ;0)xxxx happy easter sweetie xxxx

twiggypeasticks said...

Brilliant list, I fancy doing one myself. Happy Easter.
twiggy x

vmichelle said...

Great list. I wish I had a jam tart right now! I think it's all the little things that make life so wonderful.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a lovely list - looks like we share many of the same favourite things!

Lisa said...

Happy Easter to you and yours.
You now have made me yearn for some churros!
Lisa x

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Love the list, hope you find lots of things to make you hapy this Easter
Louise x