Monday, 19 April 2010

Notecook Monday

Delicious garden and foodie gifts packed in wooden crates.


To find a small lost object on the floor...put a pair of tights over the hose, secure with a band and suck up!

I love the things from here. Here are some lovely goodies i found on the web that i'd love!

This site is amazing for the gifty bits you can buy:

Does what it says in the title :)

-Have a little deserve it:

Choose 1 from below

Dip strawberries in dark chocolate,
 Dvd and icecream,
Wash and iron your bedding..get in and relax,
Buy yourself some flowers,
Have a manicure, pedicure.

Spring is when life's alive in everything- Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

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(photos taken from relevent websites)

5 comments: said...

I think I shall have a dved and some ice cream! Or should it be flowers? Hmmm, I already have the freshly laundered bed linen ( so nice!) Love Christina Rossetti! suzie xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Lots of lovely goodies and advice!!

winnibriggs said...

Out of strawberries but chocolate sounds good. A lovely post and some real goodies.

Kelly said...

Love the doormat! Welll if you insit I'll go have a pedicure!

karen said...

Fab post, loving the strawberries dipped in chocolate, yumsville!!!!xxxxxxxxx