Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Weightloss Wed/swaps/Easter

(Again...sorry about the poor photo quality.....these pics are taken from my mobile)

Its only the beginning of the Easter Holidays and already i am wanting to take time out! lol!!
Don't get me wrong....i love my boys dearly and i love spending time with them, but sometimes it gets too much!!

Yesterday i had to wait in all day for carpet....i was so excited, except we ended up being the last fitting grrr!! Isn't it so annoying when that happens? The things i could have done in that time if only i knew that they weren't going to turn up till 5pm!!!!!! Instead i had two boys going crazy, actually one...the eldest was fine, but the littlest (terrible twos) decided to wreck the house again and again and moan all day!!!!

(A card given to me by my hubby.....don't worry i'm not an alcoholic..honest)

Here is the room (Spare/work room) with the carpet and bits of furniture i moved back in:

I spent a little of yesterday setting out a plan of what i need to do/buy:

I want some floaty white curtains, lots of white shelves, new bedding,  a throw and cushions to put on the sofa, a cushion for my desk seat. I have lots of pictures to go up and i'd like to get a lovely spring plant for the windowsill. 
I'm heading to Ikea this weekend and plan to spend most of the weekend making my new room pretty!!
The after the Easter hols i can get making!! And start my little buisness!!

....So, this week wasn't probably the best week to start back on Weightloss Wednesday!!!
We had family over for tea on Good Friday, so i made some yummy cakes.

I forgot to take a pic of these, but they were really yummy and pretty.
This one was rather nice too:

I don't eat eggs, so i use a replacer instead (just as yummy though)
I recommend both recipes and will certainly make them again.

I forgot to take pictures of the finished table/egg hunt/ and decs but they looked pretty much like last years.

How cute is my hubby? He said he got the above card as it reminded him of the colours of my blog at the moment!! Just when i think he is a typical man, not listening/thinking, he always manages to surprise me!

I said to my hubby i didn't want an egg this year (we get so much anyway) He said that he had to get me something. So i said that he could get me something when we went to Windsor for the day on Saturday: My in laws had got me and the hubby a trip to Windsor Castle and afternoon tea for our wedding Anniversary gift at the start of the year. (Lovely hotel that we had tea in by the way)
We had a look round the shops, including Cath Kidston....such a pretty one....i loved the changing room!!
He totally spoilt me...with:

He surprised me with the little badges/mirror and choc on Easter Monday too!! I am a lucky girl!!

I also bought some pretty books in a charity shop.
When i look at the pretty pics in books like this, i dream that my life is like that too......look at the pretty afternoon tea pic...hmmmmmm  :)

 Going back to weightloss Wednesday....i haven't eaten that well....well how can i with so much chocolate around? And yummy Easter teas and dinners?
 I have been trying a bit of portion control though and i've done a bit of exercise too. No weight loss to report this week though.

I wanted to share a yummy family dish with you, that we all enjoyed, even my fussy eldest boy!!
The recipe comes from this delightful book. (Lovely family recipes, great pics, and a heart touching story behind the book too)
It is really easy.
Just roll out some puff pastry, cover with a small amount of dijon mustard, cheese of choice (we used cheddar), tomatoes, and pepper and cook!!

...I took part in Dolly Dollops colour swap. I chose pink.
Look at these lovely gifts i recieved from Ticking stripes:

A pretty teatowel, a Ck flannel, a pin cushion with a William Morris print, a lovely collection of note cards, some vintage button hair clips, tags and stickers, a pretty brooch and card and some button magnets and a lovely cloth that can already be seen in my workroom. Thank you Wendy i am delighted.

Here is what i sent:

A selection of buttons and craft paper, a candle, some Tiptree jams, soap, Ck tissues, chocolates, a handmade bookmark and button pin badge, a card, a really pretty cup and saucer that i was very tempted to keep for myself :) and a lovely hanging heart that i had bought for Wendy from my Red heart day.

I stole away the Sunday Express magazine from my In Laws this weekend, as i spotted a piece on Grace Kelly in it. Me and my Mum will be heading to this exhibition at V&A Museum in June after our chocolate workshop!! So excited.

Now i will leave you with this pretty Easter picture from my Prima calendar:
Have a good week all!!



Jason and Brianne Kjar said...

looks like you had lots of fun over the weekend. Good luck on the next week.

Vintage from the Village said...

Hi I know that feeling about deliveries not turning up ! in this day and age why cant we be kept informed ey?
I like that card about the drink, I had a funny similar sort of one for my birthday which I will put on my blog soon.
Anyway must get Miss V to bed and get the wine out !
Best wishes
Sue x

vintage girl said...

What a fantastic weekend you all had! annoying I know when carpet fitters are coming so late in the day, but look at how lovely the room looks now! worth it in the end. I have a 2 1/2 year old so I know how it can be!!!! but we all know it passes eventually lol! Can't wait to hear how your room makeover turns out! Lisa x ps very jealous of your CK gifts!

Florence and Mary said...

It looks like you had a lovely Easter and lot's of yummy happenings in your kitchen too.

Can't wait to see more on your rooms progress.

Victoria xx

LoloDesigns said...

I've chickened out of WLW this week, the only weight that has been on my mind recently is how much all my chocolate weighed, it was shocking!

Can't wait to see how your new room turns out, bet you are itching to get started on it! xx

Kissed by an Angel said...

What a busy weekend you've had, with lots of goodies!!!
Can't wait to see your new room's progress!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a fab hubby you have with all those lovely treats and your easter goodies look yummy! I know what you mean about wanting time out - my oldest one is hormonal the little one is OK but copying him a bit and the middle on is just winding the other two up - bliss :-)

A. Ripped said...

It looks as if you really enjoyed your day. These are some really nice photographs and your food looks amazing. It is looking really tempting.

winnibriggs said...

Cant wait to see your finished room it sounds like its going to be really pretty. Really jealous of your CK pressie have been ogling that bag for ages!

Julie said...

Holidays are hard on diets and life style changes but you are doing great. Love all the pictures you shared. Keep up the great work. Take care and God Bless!!!

Lisa said...

A lovely post.
You were a very lucky girl receiving all those fab presents from your husband!
I would love to go and see that GK exhibition too.
Looking forward to seeing how you get along with decorating your room.
Lisa x

Sarah said...

Wow - you have been busy! I know what you mean about waiting in. We did the same yesterday as the cooker was being fixed. We had the last appointment to then find the parts were wrong so it didn't get fixed - grrrrr.....!

♥coco rose♥ said...

Ooooh what a gorgeous post to brighten anyones day! Sounds like you had a fab Easter weekend! What a sooper dooper hubby you have to get you all those the CK bag, had my eye on that one for a while! Your recipes look great and think will have to try. I so know what you mean about the kids and hols. Yesterday I had the day a completely rubbish day. Eldest two ok but youngest (3 and a bit) was the child from hell. Bedding thrown down the stairs several times. Apparantly duvet makes a good stair slide. Lego and cars thrown in every room. Screaming for attention from his brothers who basically wanted to flick him away resulting in more screaming. I woke up with a headache and went to bed with one. Well, the sun is shining here this morning so they are out out out today! he he! Roll on term time again that's what I say! Have a great day! xxx

Mrs B said...

Lissy my love!! You don't look like you have to lose a single pound? What is this? I always want to see more piccies of you!!

I love the one with the pinnie and bowl....naturally!!

x said...

Oh, you have to be able to slip sometimes! It was Easter after all! But I love your goodies you got! Much better than an egg! Wonderful post! suzie xxx

Cally's Cottage said...

I hope that when all the Easter fun has finished you have some fun with your new room!
Have a happy weekend,
Cally x

Pink Milk said...

Your hubby sounds wonderful - terrific sense of humour (love the card) and fabulous taste (pressies)! Very impressed!

Enjoy your Ikea browse. I've not long bought some Billy shelves for my craft room and can't recommend them highly enough - I think they have magical powers; I can now see the floor! ;-)


THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi, Loved all your blog pics but paid special attention to the one showing the 'blank canvas' hobbies room. You are SO lucky. Ever since we had the shop we seem to live in a home populated with boxes and bags of ... This'n'That!!
Lesley X

periwinkle said...

oh i am so with you on the terrible twos !!! I love books like that , I just bought the 4 seasons Brambly Hedge books from a charity shop , the pics are awesome