Friday, 16 April 2010

♥Special Giveaway!!♥

I have passed 150 followers!!

Thank you everyone!!

And to say thank you, i am doing a special giveaway for followers or those that have me on their bloglists only.

I remember reading a post once about how nice it feels to be 'followed'...i guess it kind of makes you feel special/wanted/loved   :)

I know theres people that read my blog that don't follow me (I'm sure i read some blogs too that i don't follow), and thats fine, but the support i feel that i get from actual followers is here is a giveaway to say how special you all are:

The main giveaway prize will go to the first person out of the hat.
It will include these items, but also some extras (i will decide on the extras when i know who has won, so i can choose some bits i think they may like)

I will also do a small runner up prize too.

If you'd like to enter, just leave me a comment on this post and tell me what makes you feel 'special' and if your a follower or have me on your blog list.

I'll be picking the winners on Friday 23rd April.

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi - I would love to be included please. Seeing that someone has taken the time to comment on one of my mindless posts makes me feel special. It is easy to browse blogs, but if someone takes the time to share their thoughts I feel very honoured. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.xx

VintageVicki said...

Spontanious (sp)hugs from little people - whether its my nieces & nephew or just the ones I used to work with.

Little Bear Stories said...

what a lovely giveaway and congrats on reaching 150 followers!
being followed makes me feel special too, its nice to feel like your thoughts are appreciated x

Sarah said...

I've only just started using the followers thing properly. I think having you in my fav blogs section is more special. That way you are just there looking at me.

Now what makes me feel special? Having a family of girls that show their love with cuddles and kisses impromptually.

Kelly said...

How lovely! What a kind giveaway, I'd love to be entered x said...

Oooh count me in please! What a lovely thing to do, and congratulations on reaching the 150. It is nice to feel loved isn't it? I know I really appreciate all of the lovely peeps who come and visit me! Have a happy weekend. suzie xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Well done on the followers!

Those Russian Doll socks are too cute,

Have a great weekend

Victoria xx

TheMadHouse said...

I ama a reader (I am not sure I like the term follower)!!

At the moment the sun is making me very happy, that and being able to peg on the line!

made with love said...

What a lovely giveaway, well done on your followers,
Have a great weekend,
Rachael xx

Pixiedust said...

well done on the 150 followers. I'd love to enter please, just people thinking of me, makes me feel special. xx Pixie xx

Tilly Rose said...

Hi hunny....well done for soooo many followers!
I've followed your lovely blog for some time now.
Getting loads of comments good or bad makes me feel special.
I've met so many lovely new friends through blogging that it has been's to many more blogging moments...
Karen x x x

Mimi and Tilly said...

Hello, I just popped by to say thank you for following my blog, so first of all, thank you. Secondly, your blog background is so beautiful. I love blousey flowers and pink, so felt at home here straight away!

Your blog giveaway items are all lovely.

When my Significant Other makes me laugh makes me feel special. And when my cats come and sit on my lap and purr. Oh, and comments and people choosing to read what I've written on my blog too.

Please include me in your giveaway. I'm off now to have a read around your blog. Sending smiles, Emma. x

karen said...

I would love to be included, thankyoux I feel special when I watch my children sleep,
they look so serene and innocent, that I get a lump in my throat and feel so special to have them in my lifexxx

....cupcakesandbiscuits said...

I'd love to be entered......trying to think of what makes me feel special this week is tough, my boys are driving me demented (roll on school on Monday) and making me feel a bit like a skivvy as they can do but...when I invite people to dinner and they jump at the chance. It makes me feel wonderful that they are so certain it'll be a good night with tasty food and worth doing!
Have a great weekend!!

Sally, The MADs said...


I just popped in to let you know that your blog has been nominated for two MAD Blog Awards - Best MAD Blog for Family Fun and the Most Inspirational MAD Blogger. Well done!

You can find out more about the awards at, including details of prizes, badges and the voting process.

On another note entirely, I love those shelves on your previous post!


Isobel said...

Please count me in! What is making me happy today is to wake up and see sweet comments wishing me get well soon as I am fighting a nasty tummy bug. This is really lovely to have such lovely blog friends. :)

Kirsty said...

having good friends make me feel special, even if some of them I've never met in real life!

Would love to be included and well done on getting so many followers!

Lululiz said...

Congrats on the 150+ followers! Of course I am a follower and have you on my reading list!
What makes me feel special? Scenario - we are watching a film with our grown up boys and they comment on how gorgeous a particular actress is, and my husband of nearly 30 years turns round and says yes, but not as gorgeous as your mum. Awwww. He makes me feel special every day.

julietk said...

Yes it does feel nice to know there are actually people who are interested enough in what you have to say to follow your blog, it's like a complement out of the blue :-) Thanks for the chance to win some goodies too.

Mary Poppins said...

Of course I am a follower of your lovely blog :0) XX

And what makes me feel special.... You do :0)

Hugs and love



Esther said...

What makes me feel special? Well at the moment when little Evie smiles at me when she's been crying and I give her a cuddle, and when Leah comnes up to me and gives me a hug or a kiss right out of the blue. Children are so wonderful when they want to be!

Esther xx

A Country Girl said...

I'd love to enter pleas - I am already a follower.
What makes me feel special - big licky kisses from my furry friend!

jackanne said...

hiya, yes i am a follower of your delightful blog! being called "mum" makes me feel realy special as i know it doesnt always happen for some ladies!! have a lovely day hope the sun is shining for you,hugs xx

twiggypeasticks said...

Twiglet, Mr Twigs and my Mum make me feel special :) Well done on your 150 followers !
twiggy x

Kissed by an Angel said...

Well done you!!! 150 followers how fantastic!!! I would love to join in the fun of the giveaway please!!!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Well done you!! 150 followers how fantastic!!! Please may I join in the fun of your generous giveaway!!

Lisa said...

Each time someone leaves me a commnet I feel special. That someone else reads what I ramble on about and takes the time to leave a note just makes my day.
That and the time a couple of weeks ago my sister bought me a new shopping bag she thought I would like to say thanks for being a nice sister.
Please could you enter me in your lovely giveaway.
Lisa x

Purple Sparkle said...

Congratulations on 150! I am a new follower, I only found you a few posts ago I think!

What makes me feel special? On a rare weekend day off, when my OH lets me sleep in and then when most of the morning has passed, brings me a cup of tea in bed :-)

Have a great weekend!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Congrats for getting to 150 followers. I know what you mean, I think for me it is lovely to know that people enjoy what I do.

I am a follower of yours - that sounds a bit stalky doesn't it lol

Can I please enter your competition.

maryannlucy said...

I like it that people have an interest in knowing a little about my corner of the planet, that I is good to be a part of humanity :-)

winnibriggs said...

Congratulations from one of your followers. Spontaneous hugs make me feel special and the lovely encouragement from lots of blogger friends.

mollycupcakes said...

i follow and have you on my bloglist honey. I'm not a storker really LOL
The thing that makes me feel speical is when i hear the cupcakes say we love you Mummy, it costs nothing but is priceless.
Hugs, congrates on 150
Catherine x

Dianna said...

Well done on the 150 - what a fantastic achievement!

What makes me feel special? My daughter does. She is 4 years old and is incredibly strong willed. I often find myself rolling my eyes at the ceiling, counting to 10 or repeating myself time and time again. But somehow, it just all melts away with a comment such as "I love you mummy" or "you look nice today mummy - I like your top" or even just simply "thank you mummy"

Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway.

♥coco rose♥ said...

Well done on reaching 150! Ooooh what a lovely giveaway.....please, please, pretty please could I be entered! What makes me feel special?......when your children don't want anyone else but you to be with them! Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Lissy Lou! You are so kind to come to visit me for my birthday! I am so touched that people would stop by and leave a comment. THANK YOU!!! Bon week-end, Anita

Louise said...

I feel special when I receive comments on my blogs. I don't display followers on my blog. I must say to feeling rather intimidated by it. When you haven't got many there's not such a buzz! I like to display links to everyone who has ever visited my blog on my sidebar, which includes you! x

bekimarie said...

Gorgeous giveaway, I would love to enter please.

Beki xxx

a mermaids purse said...

oooooo loooooxury hehe x
love the giveaways! i still must do mine ;0)xxxx
please add me in the hat ;0)xxxx
love ya treasures!!!!

periwinkle said...

what makes me feel special hmmmm, nothing really, well at least I can't think of anything at the minute..... you are on my bloglist , and I'm glad you are :-)

karen said...

Oh please count me in, thankyouxxxxxxI would be so excited to win!!xxxxxxx