Thursday, 25 March 2010

A catch up

This post is a catch up of the last couple of weeks.
All the pictures are from my mobile, as my camera is broke :(
I feel lost without it!!

I had a nice Mothers Day....although my hubby was suffering from a sickness bug, and the 2 little boys were recovering from the one they'd had. So i didn't get my requested lay in with breakfast and mags...but i'm still owed it ;)

I went to the special Mothers Day Church parade with my eldest....he gave me some daffs (don't you just love this time of year? Daffs everywhere? hmmm lovely!)

I got some lovely flowers too, and a pamper day for me and my best friend.
We also went out for a lovely meal with our Mums, except my poor husband couldn't really eat and sat there feeling ill, bless him and the youngest boy was covered in a rash from a virus he'd had!!

I did get to read some magazines in bed that night and the following few days:

I wanted to show you this lovely card i recieved from Kazzy from A mermaids Purse. Thank you, you are so talented. I went to see Alice in Wonderland on the weekend.....glad i saw it, but i wasn't enthralled or anything. It was cleverly done though and Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter were fantastic.
 I was also given some lovely crafty bits from my Mums friend:

We have watched a couple of DVDs this month......An Education was not what i thought it would be at all!!! Has anyone else seen it?? I expected it to be a really lovely romance with lots of Paris in it.
Couples retreat was actually better than i thought it would raised a good few chuckles!

Mmmmmm, there has been quite alot of homecooking of late in our house hold:
yummy lasagne....made with mushrooms, spinach and red onion.

And Fab Footballs taken from a big cook little cook recipe that the little boys decided they wanted to make:
They really enjoyed them (you can get the recipe from the cbeebies website)

On Friday i picked up my new car!!!! yay!! i love's filthy at the moment as me and the hubby took it down to Brighton for the weekend.

We visited the Eco veggie fair....where we sampled and bought lots of lovely treats including this very pretty and yummy vegan chocolate muffin:
We ate in one of my favourite restaurants...Food for friends..where i had a to die for chocolate torte!! so yummy..i need to find the recipe.

I made a few little purchases....the Ck carrier bag holder that i have lusted over for ages....yay!! no more messy bags stuffed down the side of the cupboards!
A pretty Miffy Magnet.....i chose a Daisy dress as it's my favourite flower:
And a flowery bag from Primark, that i'm going to use for storage in........ hopefully, very nearly completed work room/spare room!!!!!

Here is the before (after i had almost emptied it)
You can't see that well from the pics....but horrible fluffy dark red carpet, very thicked papered walls painted in a horrible light pink and lovely (Ahem) yellowy wood doors.

My lovely Brother in Law and his partner have spent the last 2 days striping (The walls that is) and painting.
Now i'm waiting for the carpet and i can start refilling it with this lot:

Yes...the dining room is now home to crafts, folders, junk and furniture, (which you can't see)

So excited about the room being completed....i'll be able to get making!!!!!

Next week i'll be back with Notebook Monday and Weightloss Wednesday and hopefully a new camera soon!!

And i've decided to have a giveaway when i reach 150 followers to thank you'll have to follow to enter this one though!!



Florence and Mary said...

WOW you've been keeping your self busy!

Victoria x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

what a fab week, how i wish i had a craft room. So many bloggers seem to have one and I want one too but not sure i have room with all the kiddies and animals :-(

made with love said...

The contents of our office/craftroom is in our bedroom at the moment. We have just knocked through into the old toilet to make a bigger room. Plastering tomorrow. I can't wait.
Have fun,
Rachael XX

Lisa said...

Looking forward to seeing your finished room. I'm wondering if my lot would like the lasange, could you point me in the direction of the recipe for that one please? I tried another recipe from the new cookbook, cauliflower,lentil and potato dhal. It wasn't very popular!
Lisa x said...

You have been having a lovely time! New car, new workroom.... all very exciting! I have got that exact CK carrier bag bag, its lovely isn't it. Love the primark one too, must go and take a look in there! Suzie xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

You have been busy! Can't wait to see your craft room when it's finished!

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

We've just had some lovely, ahem, yellowy pine doors painted in Homebase Cosy paint and they look lovely.

Good luck with new room.


a mermaids purse said...

you have been busy sweet heart x
wow i love the flowers!! beautiful x glad u liked the card...that eco veggie fair muffin looks so twinnys veggie so im always thinking up exciting foods to make her when she visits ;0)...good luck with decorating x
oooooo and lovely looking home by the way x

A Country Girl said...

Lucky you to have a craft room.
Love the sound of that lasagne - looks yummy.

julietk said...

Nice catch up :-) Looking forward to seeing the room finished. Pop over and join my Hop giveaway if you have not already.