Friday, 26 March 2010

101 small daily pleasures

I saw this on here. It made me smile, so i decided to write my own list....once i started....i couldn't there will be more 'lovely things' to come.

1.A large mug of hot chocolate
2.Taking a nap with my smallest boy
3.Lie ins
4.Flicking through a new magazine
5.Flowers on the kitchen windowsill
6.Recieving a gift through the post
7.Watching a movie in my pj's
8.Looking through old photo albums
9.The achievement of making something
10.The sound of lawnmowers in the distance on a sunny day

11.Picking up my sons from school
12.Fresh clean bedding
13.The moment my husband comes home from work
14.Sitting down with a Disaronno over ice after a long tough day
15.Tea and biscuits
16.Discovering i can fit into a pair of too tight jeans
17. Listening to Jack Johnson in the car
18.Peanut butter and jam on toast
19.Lighting some candles
20.Switching the fairy lights on

21.Taking my heels off after a long night
22.Recieving a nice text message
23.Recieving letters and cards
24.Reading through blogs
25.Someone saying they love me
26.Blue skys and fluffy white clouds
27.New white towels
28.Finding a great bargain at a charity shop
29.A visit to a carboot sale....just me
30.A evening at my favourite restaurant

31.Reading a book before bed
33.Turning over your pillow to find the cool side
34.Love notes
35.A trip to the cinema
36.A traffic free journey
37.Buying a new notebook
38.The breeze through a window
39.The smell of spring air
40.A pedicure

41.An old couple in love
42.Watching Lambs
43.Finding a cake that is egg free
44.Pajama days
45.A takeaway when you really can't be bothered to cook
46.Breakfast by the sea
47.A successful shopping trip
48.Stroking and kissing my sons cheeks
49.First flowers of spring
50.Listening to your favourite songs

53.Knowing God has listened
54.Knowing when i have done something good for the world
56.Someone returning your smile in the street
57.Going for a picnic, even if its raining (in the car)
58.Spritzing my favourite perfume
59.Putting on some blusher and feeling so much better
60.Cold chocolate from the fridge

61.Discovering a lovely childrens book in a second hand store
62.Walking round a bookstore
63.Wandering around an aniques market/shop
64.Watching Autumn leaves fall
65.Reading any Audrey Hepburn book
66.Cutting out favourite pictures from magazines for a collage
67.Seeing a rainbow
68.Freshly painted nails
69.The end result of sorting out a drawer/cupboard
70.Finding the perfect fitting outfit

71.A new teatowel
72.Buffet dinners
73.Spotting a robin
74.A veggie roast dinner
75.When the music starts up at the beginning of a theatre show
76.Driving through the countryside
77.Time by myself
78.Watching a sunset
79.Hearing my boys singing
80.New stationary

81.Daisies growing in the grass
82.Riding a carousel
83.The crack of ice on the grass when you stand on it
84.Watching favourite programmes on T.V
85.My Dualit toaster
86.Tucking the boys into bed
87.Listening to Chris Moyles/Fearne Cotton and Sara Cox on Radio 1
89.My fluffy white dressing gown from Per Una at Marks and Spencer

90.Cosy Pj bottoms to wear around the house
91.Butter dishes
92.Tin or glass containers to store just about anything!
93.My comfy Sketchers
95.Looking through boxes of buttons and ribbons
96.Body Shops Vit E Lipbalm
97.Finding a parking space
98.Wooden cutting boards
99.The colour white

100.Remembering all the lovely things in your life
101.Knowing you are unique

Why not write out your own list on pretty paper and stick it somewhere you'll see it everyday

(All pictures from Weheartit)


♥coco rose♥ said...

I LOVE♥ LOVE♥ LOVE♥ your list! Thanks for sharing it with us! Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

Janet Happy Girl said...

This is adorable...

Little Bear Stories said...

Love you list! I have to have to make my own x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Love your list. Apart from Fearne Cotton. Not so keen.

What a really good idea.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Filled with many of those on your list.

MBBx said...

I loved every bit of your list! So, so many of them matched my own! Love the pic of the hearts, hands and sky! suzie xxx

Janet Happy Girl said...

Just made my own list on my refreshing

Vintage from the Village said...

What a great idea, I enjoyed reading those
Thank you for sharing them
Sue x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a fab idea, I must make time to do something like that and pop it up somewhere in the house to make me smile each day :-)

Kissed by an Angel said...

What a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing yours with us!!! Have a great weekend!!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love this post, but Fearne Cotton is the only thing I don't enjoy!!!
Certainly a post to cheer someone up!!
Have a lovely weekend : )

Sharon xx

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your post is so so gorgeous today, LissyLou. Many of your picks are mine picks as well! You found some perfect pictures to fit in.
Just popped onto your lovely blog and became your newest follower. Off now to read some of your past posts...
Have a wonderful weekend! xo

Emma said...

What a really lovely post, a great way to appreciate what you have in your life.
My hubby hated my phones when I first got them, He hated them when they rang, I suppose they are quite loud, but I think he has just got used to them now, bless him.
Em x
P.s I liked the turning over the pillow to the cool side best...

twiggypeasticks said...

Great idea, nice list too !!! I do 5 old style pleasures of your day on, it really makes you appreciate simple pleasures.
twiggy x

Andi's English Attic said...

Love the list. Some were the same as mine and some I didn't realise I loved until I saw them on your list!
I'm off to make my own list right now... xx

smilernpb said...

My goodness, what a DELICIOUS mug of whipped cream, oops I mean hot chocolate! Mmmm. Looks scrummy! xx

Louise said...

This really brings home the best things in life, and not the worst. It's good to focus on the positive and not the negative. Thanks for reminding us. There's some great things on your list. I like it. x

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Thankyou for sharing your list of blessings, we should all count them too. Hope you have a lovely palm Sunday.
Louise x