Monday, 8 March 2010

Notebook Monday and a little bit more:

Lovely stationary and notebooks.


Wouldn't it be wonderful for a child to recieve one of these:


-Make or buy a plain cheesecake.
Drizzle with caramel sauce, scatter with chopped pecans and finish with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

-When cooking spinach, add a little butter, salt and pepper and nutmeg.

-Think 'I'm someone special' and that is the way you will come across to others.

-Ideas with kids:

1. Play powercuts:
you will need- candles, torches, blankets, books and games, beans out of a tin and bread and jam.

2.Make sailboats out of butter tubs, cream cheese and icecream tubs. Lolly stick and coloured paper as a sail. Use in the bath or paddling pool.

3.Give them a little money and head to the charity shops or carboots for a treat.

4.Go to for more ideas.


Join me next week for more Notebook Monday.

Some purchases this week:

This gorgeous little, but very roomy bag.
And a pretty summery purse.

Please excuse the light on these flash has gone on my camera!!

This weekend was lovely.
For my friends birthday, we took a limo, with our hubbies to London.
We ate here and then had front row seats at Ronnie Scotts.
 We stayed in London for the night and had a nice brekkie before returning home.

I ordered these gorgeous carrot cakes from Blue Lotus Products as a little birthday treat in the limo and put them in a little box with a balloon.



Isobel said...

Your purchases look all fab! The cakes are so cute that I wouldn't be able to eat them. LOL
The little girl inside me wants all those cooking kits. :)

Florence and Mary said...

Your new bag looks great!

Glad you had a great weekend

Victoria xx

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

How lovely! I too have a stationery habit :) Xx

Kissed by an Angel said...

I love the Angel photo and verse - well I would, wouldn't I!! Love the handbag and purse too!! Sounds like you had a great night out - what a fantastic idea buying those gorgeosu cupcakes!!! I loved the powercuts game!! Brilliant!! You are a fantastic Mum!!!
xxxx said...

Fantastic time you had! I love the kits I would like the bunting one! suzie. xxx

Kelly said...

You always find such lovley bits!!!
Nice new bag and purse, looks roomy without being oversized!
Those cakes look great!

made with love said...

Those cooking kits look great.
I bet you had a fab time in London, the cakes looked yummy,
Have a great week,
Rachael XX

periwinkle said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday and those cakes look just too good to eat -- following on from your last post I;ve already got what I would have wished for :-)

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Guess what - I have JUST got some of the fabric food and picnic bits in at Cottontails, fancying seeing it on your blog!!