Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A little giveaway and weightloss Wednesday

Ok, so i said i'd have a giveaway when i reached 150 followers.
As i've passed 140 i thought i'd have a small one before the main one.

If you'd like to enter please leave a comment. (you don't have to be a follower to enter this mini giveaway)
And to make it a bit more interesting i'd like to know one of your daily pleasures (carrying on from my 101 daily pleasures post)

Your prize will be a copy of  Mays Period Living Magazine and something else too i'm sure.
I'll pick a random winner on  Easter Sunday.

Weightloss Wednesday:

I haven't taken part for a while as i've been eating like a pig not eating very well and been sitting on my arse watching tele far to0 busy to excersice.

This week, i'll be starting catch up with me next week and slap my wrist please be nice to me if i don't do well.



TheMadHouse said...

Oh I will let you know my best pleasure of all, is setting the alarm for 5 mins earlier and knowing that I will wake with mini next to me. I adore the cuddles

Kissed by an Angel said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, you've just had a rest from WW!!! You'll get back on track! I'm going back onto Atkins after my sisters 50th birthday meal in a couple of weeks!!
As I've been off work since January, one of my daily pleasures is blogging, I have no idea how I'm going to manage when I return to work!!!

♥coco rose♥ said...

Ooooh a daily pleasure? Making a a special cup of that takes an age to make, is a real indulgence, but is the best feeling ever to sit and relax with a much cooed over drink! he he x

gill said...

reading blogs i'm afraid!! i waste far too much time whizzing around blogland now where did i leave the hoover???????????????

Isobel said...

Ok, my one of my daily pleasures is the 30 mins nap after Joe-Joe had his morning bottle. His morning smell is just OMG delicious! :)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oh yes pleasey enter me into you little competition. hhmm one of my daily pleasures ..... reading Meg and Mog to my little girl as it always makes her smile :-)

Sarah said...

My very best pleasure is tucking my girls in and kissing them when I go to bed and just seeing how sweet they look when they are sleeping. I think about these particular moments so much, I really love it.

Andi's English Attic said...

One of my daily pleasures (although it will disappear during the school holidays) is coming back to the house after I've delivered the kids to school and husband to the train station. The silence after the hubbub is just...I don't know, almost as though the house is sighing with me.
I agree how wonderful it is that the computer and web has helped me meet people from all over the world that I never otherwise would have known existed. It's certainly brought my creative side to life and made me feel connected in more ways than one! xx

Pink Milk said...

Hee hee, love your crossings out!!

One of my daily pleasures is, when the children have gone to bed, placing a favourite candle on the kitchen table and lighting it before cooking supper. As much as I love my children, the candle signifies the start of mine and hubby's precious evening time.


Country Style Living said...

Please may I is hard to pick just one daily pleasure. I agree coming home to an empty house after the school run is bliss. And seeing my son happy, makes me happy, but perhaps walking the dog, because it just gives me time to think and clear my head, and the dog always looks so happy too.

Vintage from the Village said...

Hi Yes please enter me for the give away.
One of my great pleasures is having a cup of tea cuddled up in bed on a weekend morning with my husband and daughter planning what we will do that day
Sue x

Florence and Mary said...


My daily pleasure is when I head to bed with my cup of tea and treat of choices (last night an oreo cupcake from Lola's Bakery).

Victoria xx

dawilson said...

One of my daily pleasures is reading blogs from all over the world, and being jealous of the great finds.

Jackie said...

I'd love to join in with your little giveaway ~ one of my favourite daily pleasures is the very first cup of tea in the morning ~ nothing else beats it for me. Congratulations on 140 followers too :O)

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Lol! I too have been eating terribly and not moving very much... sigh.

I'd love to be in the giveaway.

My daily pleasure would be watching Humphrey fall asleep and nod his head...


Thecraftytrundler said...

You dont look as though you need to lose any weight to me!!
My daily pleasure is getting home from work, grabbing a drink before dinner, and catching up on the blogs!! ( Well that's one of them anyway!)
Have a great week : )

Sharon xx

ruby said...

my daily pleasure is thinking about with great anticipation, making and then finally eating something I have baked, cakes, biscuits and especially sticky toffee puddings Mmmm. I know it's rather naughty and my hips are getting wider but I can't stop!! oh I have another aswell, its the feeling of getting into a frshly made bed and wiggling your toes and rubbing your feet across the clean sheets before snuggling down.

a mermaids purse said...

my daily pleasure is waking up to HEAT hehe as i was without a boiler for nearly 1 month i have a new one!! woohoooo the pleasure of glorious heat on wintery spring days.
you look goooorgeous girl!!!!
i think i might slip up big time this easter as there's alot of chocies around the home! oooooops!
and i bought them so i think i better slap my wristy!!!
have a wonderful eatser sweetie!
you always give me pleasure with your wonderful blog! ;0)xxxxx

maryannlucy said...

Daily pleasure?! This is going to sound very cheesy but I am trying to make it "everything". I am delibrately finding the joy in everything I encounter throughout the day, from watching the lilac leaves growing almost before my very eyes to cleaning up cat pee!! I didn't say I was atually finding pleasure in everything, only that I am trying - very hard.

Keep chanting "he is an old boy, he isn't too bad, at least he is still with us after 19 years......he is an old boy..." you get the picture.

Thank you so much about your post about Elspeth Thompson, I immediately went and ordered the book and am waiting for delivery. Such sad news.

Anonymous said...

Please can I join in the give-away? My daily pleasure has to be my cup of tea ahen I return home from the morning school run. A nice cuppa and a quiet house - bliss!xx

....cupcakesandbiscuits said...

Every day I luxuriate over an cappuccino made with my beloved Gaggia. Taking time spooning the creamy froth after I have finished the coffee. It's the thing I do before I have to 'do' things, boring domesticated things usually.
Sending you cyber cupcakes.

LoloDesigns said...

Hi Lissy, be good to have you back on WLW.

One of my daily pleasures is watching my 3 little kitty cats all appearing at the same time in the kitchen for their breakfast. They just look so cute and all sit by their individual bowls bless them :o) xx

A Country Girl said...

One of mine is a square of really, really dark chocolate in the evening. Yum.

Mrs B said...

a pretty dress! I love picking out what to wear for the day. It sets me on a good path for the day! That and the pot of coffee that Mr B and I share together every morning before the day begins! I am waking up at the moment to the motto...."today is going to be wonderful!" It works a treat shutting Little Miss Dour up!


Mrs B said...

a pretty dress! I love picking out what to wear for the day. It sets me on a good path for the day! That and the pot of coffee that Mr B and I share together every morning before the day begins! I am waking up at the moment to the motto...."today is going to be wonderful!" It works a treat shutting Little Miss Dour up!