Thursday, 17 September 2009


With those legs Sarah,i wouldn't worry too much!!

Some lovely things in this months She magazine - i will be getting the lovely mugs above.
And this book looks like it could be interesting:
'Libby Page is not your average 16 year old.
Not only has she put together this beautiful book, in which she celebrates everything pink, but she's already shared a pink teapot cake with David Cameron and persuaded the great and the good to share their pink secrets.'
70 percent of the profits are being donated to Breast cancer care.

I love this pink coat - i wonder if i can persuade my lovely other half to let me get it??
I hope this looks as real in real life as it does in the picture - i think it's really lovely.
OOOhhhh yummy!!!
Don't forget my giveaway on my previous post - i'll be adding in some extra bits too, 1 thing will be handmade by me and theres a little something from Emma Bridgewater too!!


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Ahh SJP still watch re-runs of STC just love it.

Some yummy stuff in there, love those mugs they are really lovely. I like the coat but in a admiring it on other people sort of way. Pink on me - mmmm not my colour I dont think. lol.

Have put your giveaway on my blog just to let you know.


a mermaids purse said...

such a beautiful blog ;0) love all the posts and piccys! i so want me one of them union jack mugs!! must go and have a look! hehe ;0)x

Country Cottage Chic said...

OooH! I love a bit of virtual shopping - I love the pink coat too....and the mugs....


bekimarie said...

Those mugs are fab and what a great price!
Love the coat too!
Beki xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Those mugs are lovely!

Victoria xx

Sarah said...

Oh I love those flowers in the black pot! And those biscuits look ever so delicious. Are you going to bake some?

Floss said...

I bought two copies of Libby Page's book and everyone who's seen it loves it! (OK, every woman...) I really, really hope that Debenhams still has some of those mugs when I get to Edinburgh at the end of October. Not much chance, is there? Thanks for sharing!

Josie-Mary said...

Those mugs are great, may have to pop in on my lunch break. I like the coat too.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my big knit post, I'm very disappointed on the turn out... only 1 person..rubbish!!!
If you know any knitters please feel free to pass them my way :) said...

I love those mugs!!! Suzie. x

Kelly said...

That coat is an essential I'd say!
Love the mugs too!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxxx