Monday, 7 September 2009

Cornwall part 6:

Hello? Are you still there? :)
Thanks for all those that have stuck with me through my holiday posts - not long now and i'll reach the end - hee hee We took bikes on the Camel trail (for those that don't know, there is a beautiful beautiful trail between Wadebridge and Padstow that can be walked/cycled. Its 5 miles long).
I love Padstow. It's so pretty with such lovely shoppies.
We found this lovely beach near Falmouth.
Great for families, paddling etc and quite small too.

The fantastic St.Ives is full of such gorgeous shops!!!
The boys did a spot of crabbing, i chilled with a mag and was completely unaware of the excitement above, until my eldest boy shouted ' Mummy look a seal'!
Apparently he was there for ages. I just managed this quick shot.
Couldn't not take a piccie now could i?!



Florence and Mary said...

Chips last time and now I'm hungry for cupcakes!

Victoria xx

Esther said...

we have never got round to cycling the camel trail,but always take a walk along it for a bit. We visited Padstow again this year - have yet to post about it! The cider farm is ok to pass a bit of time - and fun doing the tastings!

Julie said...

all looks absolutely lovely - so nice to have the photos to look back on when you get home - helps the holiday feeling last I think said...

Oh I am loving your pics! Padstow looks wonderful, never been there yet. I believe Rick Stein's restaurant is there? Drooled over Cath Kidson shop! Wonderful! Suzie. xxx :)

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Oh I am loving your holiday pics! particularly this last lot. As we were in St Ives a few weeks ago. And went into the CK shop for the first time ever! wooooo (although weirdly didnt buy anything to mark the occaision.) Lovely photos and thanks for the memories.


p.s love that surf the web poster. really cool.

dottycookie said...

We've stayed near the Camel trail many times - and we love Rock & Padstow & Heligan and all the places you visited - looks like a great holiday.