Thursday, 3 September 2009

Cornwall part 3: Little boys second birthday

Happy birthday gorgeous 2 year old - the time has flown by!!!! We took the boys to the beautiful Lost gardens of Heligan and then into Mevagissy.

Doesn't he suit the CK bag??

Now, which way shall we go??

Back to school today - can't believe my eldest boy is starting juniors!! doesn't time fly?


Country Bliss said...

Happy birthday to your little boy. My children used to love going to Heligan and played trip- trap over the wooden walkways.
Yvonne x

Floss said...

It looks wonderful there! Thanks so much for the photos. Thanks also for leaving me a comment and letting me know about the 'following' confusion - I've had that happen to me, too! I do hope it works out this time and that we can enjoy seeing more of each others' life! I do enjoy British blogs, however happy we are in France...

Mary Poppins said...

Happy Birhday Little One :) What a lovely time you have had in Cornwall, thanks for sharing your wonderful photographs, happy days :)

Love his little birthday cards, so cute.

Love and Hugs


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Awww Happy birthday to your little boy. It does fly by fast dosnt it time. It seems more so when you have children marking the passing of time.

Love the photos, looks like you all had such a lovely holiday. Love the garden ornaments. I am sure we brought the nose picking one for one of DH's family, either his mum and dad or one of his brothers and his wife. Not sure how that went down! lol. I denied all responsibility though as DH ordered them! he he he.


Florence and Mary said...

It's nice to see men comfortable enough to carry a CK bag! LOL!

Victoria xx

karen said...

Happy birthday little one.
Wow It all look's so beautifull I bet you all had a fab time.

Thanks for popping over to mine and for your lovely comment.

Jemm said...

Hello! It looks like you've been having some great family times lately. I hope all is well :)

Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely post, and outstanding pics!!!Happy Birthday to the little one too!!

Esther said...

I've never been to the lost gardens of Heligan but did do to Glendurgan near Falmouth this year. We didn't get to Mevagissey either, there is always so much to see and do! said...

I would love to visit the Lost gardens of Heligan, and will do some time soon I hope. your photos are lovely! Suzie. xxx Oh, and thank you for your lovely comments on my blog too! X