Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Joules, doors and giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Joules kids catalogue came through today.

Shabby chic at this age!! How adorable.

Ooooo how i wish i had wings!

So lovely!! i want one!

Set for an adventure.

I took myself (yes just me for a whole hour - bliss) to the local carboot on Saturday and came back with this: I love the Flower fairies, but the main reason i wanted it was because it looks just like my littlest who also has an obsession with strawberries. So it had to come home with me. I'm going to paint the frame white and put it in my new work room when it's decorated.

Lovely treats brought home from the Lake District by my in - laws.

My hall finally has white doors instead of the horrid yellowy ones, yay!! Just need handles now.

Right on to the giveaway - I'm going to call it the childhood giveaway. If you would like to win these gorgeous framed pictures, this Royal Worcester candle snuffler and some extra goodies then leave me a comment on this post telling me about your favourite childhood possession. If you are a follower i'll put you in twice and if you copy this picture and post it on your blog telling others about the childhood giveaway i'll give you another chance to win. (make sure you let me know though)

You have until Monday 21st September to enter.

Good Luck



Wendle said...

I love your blog!

Anyway, my favourite childhood toy? It has to be a little wooden rocking dolls crib that my dad made me. I can remember going to work with him, in the aircraft hanger, and can still smell the paint as he sprayed it pale blue! Thanks for the memory! (Dimity on SCC)

claire said...

Mine was my crib too - it is wicker and rocks. I still have it - mum saved it for my daughter.....hmmm! 4 boys later we are saving it for my grandaughter lol!!
Will pop you on my blog later today :)

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Can I be greedy and 3 favourite things? lol

The first was a wonderful tin rocking horse. I remember it well as it seemed huge to me. It was grey with red trimmings. It was beautiful. How I wished we kept it.

The second and third were both made by my grandad. The first was a dolls house with real working lights! it was fab. The second was an old fashioned desk with the slope and you lifted the lid up to get your book! just like in Enid Blytons the naughtiest girl in school. My favorite stories! ooops that make it four. sorry.

Will pop you on my blog.


Itch2stitch.com said...

Mine was a beautiful dolls house that my father made for me. There was a tiny letter box th Suat opened, and lights that you could turn on and off. I loved it, But sadly when we left this country when I was 5, I had to give it away to a little girl we knew, as we had to leave everything behind (air travel!). I hope she loved it as much as me! I was happy that she was happy though! Suzie xxx

bex said...

my favorite childhood toy was a big teddy bear called chocolate buttons. i had to badger and badger and badger my dad to let me have it. once i got it i used him as a second pillow! when i was rushed to hospital with appendicitus he came with me. when i woke up all groggy from the anesthetic he was there again with a plaster on his belly, a mask and a hair net!i still have him upstairs..good ol' chocolate buttons!

karen said...

Hiya hunni
This may seem strange but my favorite childhood posession was actually my little sister. I was 4 years old when she was born and I loved her to bit's (still do) I spent every possible minute with her, feeding her.

Thanks for the fab giveaway oportunity and good luck to everyone.

Kelly said...

How appropriate! you won my giveaway hun!
E mail me your details :)

Lots of Love

Kelly xxxx

Mrs B said...

thankyou kindly lovely lady for your wonderful comments!! You make me smile!!

My favourite childhood possession.....a wee bear that sucked his thumb, his bottom was all full of beans! I also loved my record player and space hopper!! hee hee!


Florence and Mary said...

I have a flower fairies fairy doll that used to sit on our Christmas tree because my mum thought it looked like me!

Victoria xxx

lou said...

I would love to enter please… I think mine would have to be my rag doll that my Nan made for me when I broke my arm. I was doing a one handed kart wheel down a hill!

Have a lovely day love Lou xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

My favourite toy, and most loved was Boo Bear. I still have him, and he must be about 45 years old!! I cuddled him in bed, dressed him in baby clothes, he used to have rides in my doll's pram too. He's a bit threadbare now, and has lost his growl, but I still love him!!

Sharon xx