Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A mixed bag:

Hello blogging friends!! Today i bring you a great favourite of mine for gifts: Gifts for the girls. They also do presents for men and children too. I get the catalogue twice a year - it's always good for querky finds and great for stocking gifts. Heres some of the things i'm liking:

They even do Cath!

These are great for stocking gifts for men or women to keep the moths away!

I love the pretty tins that these salves come in.

This week i am dreaming of my perfect home. I love these rooms.

My ideal house would look just like the ones i used to draw as a child.

A few weeks ago i booked for my Mum and I to see Breakfast at Tiffanys in January. I can't wait!!
Last week i went to the Autumn/Winter fashion show at house of colour, we were treated to these on our chairs! i was chuffed as they are quite big, so i can use mine to make things.

I didn't mean to spend - i thought a tenner at the most. I first saw this gorgeous purse for a fiver and was very pleased with myself. Then during the fashion show i saw some other things!! They put them out once the show ended and i couldn't help myself - i lunged for them!!!!!

This pic does not do this gorgeous bag justice - it is sooo pretty and very vintage looking. I'm going to a ball in December, it will go perfect with the dress i plan to wear.

This is for my trendier clubby nights out!

I also got a fab glitzy long layered necklace for a fiver.
Smack my wrist i spent 40 quid! :)

On the weekend my hubby, brother in law and eldest son started to dig out the hole for our new pond. Very exciting - the pond we have at the moment is smack bang in the middle of our small garden and is a really ugly brick built thing.
I want and hopefully should soon have a small, wavy, full of plants, natural looking pond in the corner and a new patio that i can use - it will be so nice to put a pretty gazebo up next spring.
The boys found 3 field mice while digging - i was a kind girl and rescued them and set them free in our local fields. Surely that deserves a pat on the back and a reward of say........ 2 bags, a purse and a necklace for 40 quid!!!!! don't you think?? :)



coco rose said...

Wow what a fantastic umbrella! Will have to check that site out! Thank you for sharing it! : )

MelMel said...

I like that website, they do such fun things!

love the bags and other buys....very cool!xx

Floss said...

You have been doing well! What sweet mice - over here we have new varieties of rodent to discover!

We really want a pond too, but with such dry summers we are really going to have to think about how we keep it filled, naturally. I look forward to seeing yours!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Loving the pink heart umbrella! that would really cheer you up on a rainy day.

Love the UJ bag too! gorgeous. The mice are disconcertingly cute, but I would of still be rather afraid. I blame my mum! lol.

Good luck with the pond.


Lululiz said...

Gorgeous bags, I wouldn't have been able to resist them either.

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Hello there, thanks for stopping by my blog today :) The picture of your son digging is fab and those mice! How cute?! :D xx

The Vintage Kitten said...

I love those catalogues too, especially the ideas for mens gifts X

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

So interesting to read about people's idea of a dream house. Yours looks lovely!
You've got me thinking, which one would I ultimately choose from my scrap book.
Well done for saving the mice! We have to rescue some from our cats, poor Miss P was bitten by one a few weeks ago whilst trying to save it from Larry's jaw! She did manage to save it. I was concerned about her being bitten by a mouse but luckily all is well after having thoroughly disinfected it!
Isabelle x

paige said...

total fun-especially those bags & well, the umbrella too.
must say, the mice sure are cute in that picture...just don't want them in my home! said...

Thank you again for such a wonderful post, love all those yummy goodies! suzie. x said...

Hello! Thanks for your great comments! I dont usually do sewings for people, I just sell my designs as kits and patterns usually, but I would think about it! What kind of thing are you wanting? Suzie. xxx

Florence and Mary said...

That house is exactly like what would be my dream house... I always say i want a house with windows either side of the front door!

Have a great weekend

Victoria xx

Kelly said...

Great house! That is pretty colse to my dream house too!!!
Love the umbrella xxxx

Lots of Love

Kelly xxxxxx