Monday, 7 September 2009

The final part:

Thank you for joining me through my holiday pics - this is the last enstallment.
We went to Crealy for my eldest sons 7th birthday - Happy birthday gorgeous boy - you are turning into such a handsome, kind and clever young man.
He is soo much braver than i was at his age - he went in one of those water walking balls - very fun!!
He got to hold this great big fella throughout a horse show and had ago at grooming a smaller horse too.

On our way back from Cornwall we stopped off at Totnes (Sal, i can see why you love it so!)
What a fab place - i wish i had taken more pictures, but, hey, it's an excuse to go back!!

This and that
I've told my hubby that i want to stay for a week next year. The market was great and there are so many shops. Great restaurants - and such a veggie friendly place. There are so many tea and cake shops too!!!!
Thanks Sal - i wouldn't have gone if it wasn't for you
Tommorrow i'll show you my buys!!!!


Esther said...

what another coincidence - we went to South Devon in June and visited Totnes. We stayed just outside Salcombe!

bekimarie said...

Love Crealy, such a great place!
Your little man is so brave going in one of those water walking balls, i'd never be able to do it.
You certainly had a fab holiday!
Beki xxx

Lululiz said...

My goodness, your son deserves three cheers for that. I think I would just curl up in the bottom of the ball and wimper pathetically, lol. If I tried to stand up, I would need a very large bag, ahem.

Lovely photos, btw., the shops look VERY tempting.

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Lissy Lou
I've just read through all your Cornwall posts - delightful. It is so nice to have a series of posts about your trip so as to enjoy such a lot of photos. It looks like you had an amazing time! We were in Kingsand & Cawsand a couple of weeks ago, having never been there before, even though we both knew Looe very well. Aren't they such pretty villages? And you went to Totnes! We were planning to stop there on the way back, but spent so long at Cotehele that it was too late - another time, another trip!
I hope you are having a good week and have settled back into routines.
I've just noticed the Fiat 500 on your favourites list - aren't they just the best? Poor Hubby gets such a shock as we drive along and I squeal "Fiat 500!" - I seem to have antennae permanently tuned to them.... would love, LOVE, to have one....
Happy days
Denise x said...

I love the look of the walking water ball, that looked like real fun! Suzie. xxx

louise said...

I've really enjoyed looking through your Cornwall posts. You've taken some great photos! I love everything about this part of the country. Next time we travel down, we are going to stay in the far West, to visit St Ives, Lands End etc. x