Tuesday, 8 September 2009

My Cornwall buys

I did quite well on our 2 week holiday and didn't buy 'too' much.
In Totnes i bought this Enid Blyton book in The Oxfam bookshop which i have wanted for a while and some bargain £1 fabric from a little fabric shop near the market. I got these great cards in St. Ives - i may frame the top one.
This gorgeous tin is full of fudge - although i bought it for the tin as i don't like fudge (luckily there are 3 males in the house that do) And this gorgeous teatowel is from a lovely little shop in Fowey, i also got 2 cute little magnets but i can't find them!! I've either thrown them away or they are still wrapped up in something that was in the suitcase!!
I loved th Garden of Heligan shop - i got this potato bag (i hope it works, i always get leftover manky potatoes) And i was sooooo impressed with the lovely cakes in the cafe there that i bought the recipe book. You can find some of the recipes of cakes that we tried at the end of this post.
I saw this mug and loved it!! I wasn't going to get it because i have so many mugs, but my hubby said 'Get it, it's so you!!' I'm not sure if i should be happy with that or not - hee hee

At a Steam fair i bought this gorgeous little painting for my dollshouse. The lovely little lady had some large paintings and a few small dollshouse ones - She told me that she handpaints them using a magnifying glass - they are all of beaches near where she lives in Cornwall.
I always like my christmas decorations to mean something and have come from places we have been- so these will be the new additions to our tree this year.
Being a Mummy i don't often get to use delicate little bags - i need sturdy over the body types - this will brighten up my jeans and tees.

The recipe that we actually tried was apricot slice - just using a thick jam.


Floss said...

That was a lovely trip round the shops of Cornwall with you! I like what you got...

Rubyred said...

Hello, thanks for the lovely trip around Cornwall, you've been to some of my favourite places!
Loved all your goodies too, Totnes looks fab! I've never been!
Have a great week!
Rachel x

Lululiz said...

Excellent shopping! My favourite has got to be the tin though, its beauuuuuuuuuutiful.

Florence and Mary said...

Didn't you treat yourself to some nice things.

I always try and buy a christmas decoration from places i've been.

Victoria xx

louise said...

I loved the Lost Gardens of Heligan when we visited a few years back. I bought some goodies from the shop too, and remember a robin sitting by us outside in the teashop garden. Everyone loves Enid Blyton, and I had well thumbed through, sribbled and coloured in copies of the Faraway Tree books. I would have been tempted with one of those little pictures too. x

lou said...

There is nothing like visiting all of those lovely places without even stepping foot outside. Thanks for sharing your holiday…there was lots of memories for me looking at all of those lovely pictures of yours.

You got some lovely bits too…love Lou xxx

Itch2stitch.com said...

Great finds! I love the faraway tree! Was (is) my all time favourite! Suzie. xxx

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

What a load of fab goodies. My daughter went on holiday to Newquay a couple of weeks ago and she texted me to say she was in St Ives in a little shop that I would love. She bought me some goodies - wonder if it was the same shop you were in :)

Mrs B said...

oh I adore the far away tree books too! I was reading that Jo Whiley loved it too and was desperate to read it to her little ones, but they aren't fans! I really, really hope that my two will be or at least pretend to be just for their poor nostalgic mummy!! lovely things you bought too!! xx

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

It sounds just like my kind of holiday! Devon & Cornwall are such beautiful counties. I am yet to the visit the Heligan Gardens and can't wait to do so. The recipe book will be on my shoping list! What a pretty painting, the work that must have gone in to that!
I'd love to know if the potato bag work.
Isabelle x

twiggypeasticks said...

I've really enjoyed my virtual visit to Cornwall. Thanks for sharing and I'm so pleased you had a lovely time.
Twiggy x

Kelly said...

What lovely things you bought!
I love the cards and the dolls house painting is so lovely, such great detail!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxxx

Lissa said...

LOVE the mug!! It's so funny to try and picture you when your hubby says that mug is so you!

Hope you find your magnets!

LittleGem said...

Hi Lou, thanks for the lovely comment :) I think I'll be enjoying the book just as much as him! I love your holiday goodies, especially that lovely card (top), can I ask who its made by? Its really sweet.
Hope your having a good day xx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

CORNWALL is such a wonderful place...
Your treats are really lovely, specially the card, mugs, christmas decorations... love them all!


Mary Poppins said...

Wow what a lovely post of goodies, I love them all, especially the sweet tin, but then maybe because I have one like it too :)



Mary Poppins said...

Actually the tin is on my post, peeking at you on my made over skip find ;)