Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easter and bits

We made some chocolate nests to take to my In laws, not as nice as last years. The best nests i have made are always using cornflakes with a mixture of dark and milk chocolate and always alot more chocolate than you think you need.The boys played in their Nanny and Pops garden with their cousins and had an Easter egg hunt.

My youngest got this cute elf from his great Nan. She didn't knit it but bought it from her group for the blind. Very impressive i think.
My hubbies aunt got the boys a little easter tree from Tesco and these lovely colouring books. I went into Tesco today to see if there were any in the sale for next years gifts (there wasn't)
I got sent my giveaway prize from Lobster and Swan. A fabulous bag of treats. Can't wait to start making some bits with them.

Thank you so much Jess, i love it.

I had a lovely shopping morning today, without the kids!! bliss!!

I got 2 lovely outfits for my friends little girls birthday, from Matalan.From Tesco i got this fabulous big vase for £2!!! Hurry while stocks last!! And some lovely notepads. I've seen these on some other blogs too.
This cute little bag for £3. I'm going to use it on my summer holiday i think. A perfect little beach/shopping bag. And some lovely red flip flops with little bows on them.
I also got these fab flip flops in Matalan for £3. Matalan now have an online store!! They don't sell loads yet, but it's worth a look.
So heres to another easter. I'm feeling abit sick as usual this time of year!!!!
My youngest has been playing with my old toy pram. As you can see Curious George is his doll of choice. I've noticed him rocking the buggy and saying 'shhhhh'. Very cute.
I have been occasionally buying the littlest, the cbeebies magazine. He loves it if Mr Tumble is in it. He shouts ' Mumble!!!!!' I liked the look of these little bunny cups for next years Easter gifts.
I've taken some pics from some lovely magazines that i'm reading at the moment. Most are from Prima. I got it after looking at a post on LittleGems blog. I haven't had Prima for a while, but i've realised how much i like it. I may get a subscription!

This is the lovely home of Vintage Magpie in Your homes magazine.
And i love the dining room in this flat.
I want all these teatowels!!

What a beautiful place to relax.
I have this pretty flask. I'd like the lovely picnic basket too.
What a fab brolly (stylists own)


Doolallysally said...

You're so good at finding fab buys like these flipflops and the vase, bargain! Looks like the kids had a lovely time at Nan and Pops and those cakes look yummy to me! Love Salx

Thecraftytrundler said...

I got that Prima too, it's great!!! Love the chocolate nests, I haven't made any of those for a few years. No doubt Aaliyah will want some next year!!
I saw some of those Easter trees reduced in Tesco yesterday, If they still have them, I could get one, and send it to you. Let me know, & I'll have another look for you.
Love your bargains, I will have to look in Matalan, as I am going on Holiday soon.
Have a great weekend : )

Sharon xx

periwinkle said...

my little one just adores Mr Tumble, we;ve got so many episodes recorded its scary -- thank you for the Kirstie reminder too , I would have forgotten otherwise..
lisa x

lou said...

I love your buys, I might have to check them out, I will have to blame it on too you when the OH says what are you buying now.

Love Lou xxx