Saturday, 18 April 2009

Trying to do my bit....

I have been veggie for about 18 years or so. I bring my children up veggie too. They have the right to choose to eat meat if they wish when they can make up their own minds. My eldest is set on being a veggie for life at the moment.

Today we went to the Veggie show in London. I thought i'd tell you abit about it.

I don't want to rub your faces in it, so please don't think i'm trying too. I'm just letting you know abit about my beliefs/interests and our day. I include buys, recipes, and places to go.If you are interested read on:
It is a lovely day out even if you eat meat as theres lots of food samples and things to buy. My eldest made me this bag and a lovely mask, he took ages!! It's ment to be Spiderman.

His spelling of Vegetarian made me chuckle to myself!! But what a good try!!
We are members of Viva! and this veggie recipe club.
I like the sound of this!!
I have made sure i haven't put any graphic pictures on this blog, it can be pretty disturbing. I can't believe that some of the pictures and clips (click on links if you do want to see) i have seen would not stop and make you think.

I like this magazine from Viva! i think it is very informative. If you want to read, please click on the pictures or get a free copy from Viva!

We bought some bits too! My son got this cute kitten, the money raised goes here.
I bought a very yummy date and walnut cupcake from here.
We often buy Trek bars, they are abit pricy. So we buy them at shows in bulk and save a fortune. This is one i hadn't tried before - it's sooo yummy.
I picked up a new magazine.
I got these freebies.
This is a great magazine, veggie or not!!
How cute are these cupcakes!?!
Lovely buys!!
This looks scrummy!
Some adverts of lovely places and things:

My cupcake came from here, and hopefully a big yummy birthday cake for me in May!!
I have written about this before - it really is fab. If you are near Bath please consider it even if your not veggie. My hubby loves it.

I've heard lots about this place, i'd love to stay here one day.
Please let me know if any of what you see changes your thinking? Maybe you'll cut down on meat/dairy, or consider going veggie/vegan, or just consider signing petitons to help stop animal cruelty. You could even just buy some veggie/vegan products - there are lots that are yummy, healthy and lovely!!

Thanks for taken an interest in a cause close to my heart, LissyLou xx


Lavender hearts said...

I do support your views even though I am a meat eater, I like to know that the animals live in the best possible conditions. I guess I like to support farmers who are good to kee them in business. I'm not veggie, but I am really conscious of where I buy my meat and veg - I buy local and I like to go round the farms and actually see how the animals are treated. If I do buy supermarket meat I buy from Waitrose. I think if I went veggie now (was for 10 years) then I would have to go completely vegan because otherwise it wouldn't be fair. Also, I would have to give up fish because the way I see it, fish are the only hunted meat we eat - cod and haddock are so endangered now that I try to avoid eating them. So, I get my meat and veg from a small local traditional farm and only buy unpopular fish like pollock.

Mandy said...

What a lovely blog post. I too am a veggie! I have been since I was about 11 and I am not 43 this year! I do say that it is the texture of meat I do not like, but I do not eat it on moral grounds too. I realise that animals are bred for humans to eat, but it needs to be in a human way I really dont think there is one. I suppose I have double standards because I am not a vegan, I drink milk, eat cheese and eggs. I dont eat fish because I just dont like it. A bit like your blog says if it has a face I dont want to eat it.
Very thought provoking thank you

Esther said...

I do empathise with the animals we eat and do like them to have had a good life, but am not convinced about being vegetarian again (I was veggie when I was younger but just couldn't resist bacon sarnies!). I do occassionally eat vegetarian meals and do enjoy them, I would just find it difficult to not eat meat and have to prepare it for my family. I also want to encourage my daughter to eat everything so that she isn't a fussy eater as she gets older. Perhaps after reading your post I may have more days meat free, but don't think I will be able to go fully veggie again! Thanks for the great post, it was interesting!

gingerwine said...

This is no lie, I am very close to becoming veggie. I eat little meat anyway, and next to my husband and family I love animals more than anything.

xx Sam x

Chunky said...

Great post. Since we've had our chickens I've been more conscious of the meat I eat and have drastically cut back. I now tend to buy quorn instead. Any meat we do buy comes from a local butcher who rears it himself or sources it from local farmers. Thanks for sharing - those recipes look scrummy :)

Blue Lotus Cakes said...

I'm really enjoying reading your posts. Its great to hear you enjoyed the vegan date and walnut cupcake, my children also came home with some lovely brightly coloured masks. Take care, Chetna.