Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Joules......aaahhhh lovely Joules

I was so excited when i got home today and found this on the doormat. I've had a flick through, but i'm looking forward to having a good read of it in bed tonight after i've watched Kirsties homemade home.

I'll be visting Padstow in the summer, so i'm looking forward to reading this:
How fab?!!!!!!...................................................................................................

Here are some buys i got today, all charity shop!!

I'm going to give this to my boys next week when they are baptised. It was only 30p and is brand new.
I had 2 Peter Pan costumes delivered yesterday for the boys. The littlest ones is sooo cute!!
Happy St Georges day for tommorrow everyone!! We will celebrate this year as we are off to a Scouts event after school.


Sal said...

The Joules catalogue looks brill!
Great charity shop finds too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me about Kirsten's homemade .
Great finds at Charity shop .
Can you believe it I still haven't received an email with your address .
Love from sesga xx

Victoria Plum said...

oooh! I'm still waiting for my Joules mag to arrive ... hope the postie hasn't pinched it!! Am off to the opening of the new Joules shop in Wimbledon tomorrow night!!! Yey!!!

A Bun Can Dance said...

The joules magazine is great fun isn't it? I love their summer clothes collection and could happily have all of it! I had a bit of self indulgence yesterday and bought one of their summer dresses - the yellow floral Bronte dress - I love it!!!! Happy weekend to you. Denise x

thriftymrs said...

Oh I love Joules, I have a lovely yellow Joules dress on at the moment and I adore it.

Padstow is fantastic enjoy, we used to go there a lot when I was wee, it is very pretty. Take a trip to Clovelly while you're there. :)

The Lovely Mrs. Cozy Home said...

On the "Chloe loves" page, where is that beautiful basket totebag from?? LOVE carrying baskets in the summer!!!

OhSoVintage said...

I had this in the post too. I also visited Padstow at Easter, have a lovely time when you go. Looking forward to watching Kirsty again.
Ruth x

bekimarie said...

You're a star hunni!
Not had many people willing to participate, probably the wrong time of year. Such lovely weather, people want to be doing other things.
Love the 'Lords Prayer' book!
Takae care
Beki xxx

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Thanks so much for the sweet birthday wishes!!! Becky

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hi love your Joules mag, lots of lovely things! and your pretty jewlery finds are beautiful.

I have to I dont know the title of the red lady picture. There is a signature scrawled on the side but I cant make out if it says Pinter or Pitcher, I am sure there is a P at the begining! I brought it in one of those poster shops, it was already framed so not an orginal I am afraid! lol. I will try and decipher the artist name for you.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

LOL! I am glad you found out the title and name of the artist! Glad it was a P at the beginging of the surname too, or else I might of had to had an eye test!

Yes that all posters website is usually very good. Well if you treat yourself to a print you will have to put it on your blog! I just love the colours, very dramatic. Almost like there is a storm brewing in the weather and her mind. We will have to set up a Red ladys by the beach fan club! lol.

Tillybud said...

Wow - you scored at the charity shop. lovely things!

Lace hearts said...

My joules catalogue has just arrived and the dress I wanted has sold out already. So gutted - but the catalogue is pure eye candy.

lou said...

My mum has just given me her magazine so when I have got 5 min I will have a good look through.
I love the tops you got!
Love Lou xxx