Tuesday, 21 April 2009

More things around the house

I like to keep nice pictures in all my cupboard doors, so when i open them, i smile.
These top watercolours are from Majorca, I love dolphins and i've had this shoe pic, taken out of a magazine for about 15 years, i don't know why but i just love it.
My husband got a friend to bring these back from Russia for me. I remember playing with my mums Russian dolls as a kid and always wanted my own.
I have a pinboard in the study with pics and bits. This picture shows a card from some friends to my husband, Badges, a lovely doll from Liberty's that i love and wish i could afford (so i keep the pic up instead), a pic of my eldest as a baby in a plant pot (cruel aren't i?) and a little flower that my hubby drew for me when colouring with the kids. I thought it was so sweet that i got him to cut it out for me.Some of my lovely teatowels.

A bag that held birthday presents from my hubby one year, now it holds some of my summer scarves.

This is a pot that my dad made at school when he was 9.

I love this little sugar pot

Some more lovely pics and things. The gargoyle is called groggle and belongs to my mums friend, she printed up these notecards.

This fab bowl is from TkMaxx, i love it even though it doesn't really match any of my other things. I like to use it for popcorn when we have guests over.

The seat where i mostly blog, it's so comfy. It came from Ikea.


bekimarie said...

what a great idea to put piccies on the inside of your cupboards. Now I know what to do with my magazine cut outs, I was going to make a collage with them but I like your idea better.
Beki xxx

p.s love your russian dolls!

Sarah said...

Great pictures. I too had a set of Russian Dolls - goodness knows where they disappeared to! Funny how all the things we had when were younger are all coming back in fashion.

Shabby Chick said...

Nice piccies, LOVE the Russian dolls, what great expressions they have! The making babies postcard made me giggle :D

Mel xxx

lou said...

You have some really lovely things as well as having things with lovely memories too.
Love Lou xxx

Josie-Mary said...

I love Russian dolls too, the pot your dad made is great :)

Doolallysally said...

So nice to see all your treasures. Enjoyed reading your survey too in the last post. Good luck with the Baptism Love Salx

vicki archer said...

Great finds Lissy Lou, xv.