Thursday, 2 April 2009

Please take one!

Chocolate cakes came out top in my recent poll, so we decided to make some after school today. It was the first time the little one had made cakes. He did really well, but as you can imagine, loved licking the bowl afterwards!!
I popped into Southend today. I wanted to go to Primark to get a cheap cossie. I don't swim in public pools - i know that may sound terribly snobby, but i just can't get over the dirtiness of it!! However, my mum has asked me as her guest on a pamper day here. So i thought i better get one just incase. I also picked up these flipflops for £2!!! and this large flight bag for £6!!!

Very CK don't you think? It was only £3.50. It's a good size and has a great mirror in the top bit that stands up. Great i think, seeing as i always forget a hand mirror when i go away.

Finally my luck has carried on this week as i have won a giveaway!!! Thank you Knitty, Vintage and Rosy.
Thank you all for you well wishes to me and my Grandad.


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

love the red spotty case - polka dots are my favourite and my best :-)
the cakes look fab too
we booked cissy cottage today for a week in summer hols! am v excited - do you think it will be okay for us with children it was under child friendlylist so presume so - mine are 7 and 4 so not toddlers or anything! thanks for the post you did as i wouldnt have known about it otherwise :-)
lesley x

MaryPoppins said...

Thanks for the charming cake, yum yum ;)

Those shorts look fabby and the PJs how sweet, thinking too of your special Grandad.

I so enjoyed my break at a Health Spa, shame it was 10 years ago, methinks I need to go again ;)

Love and Hugs


lou said...

Yes please too one of the cakes, if you could just send it my way!
I got one of those bags last year for when we go away for a few days to carry on the plane!
They do some great bits for summer and so cheap!
Have a lovely weekend…love Lou xxx

lou said...

I wish your grandad lots of luck with his new home!
Lou xxx

Pixiedust said...

Great bargains, cakes look scrummy too. xxx

Lace hearts said...

Am I too late, oh goody, I'll have a cake quickly! Thank you. My three love making cakes... I think primarily to lick the bowl out! x

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Those little cupcakes look delicious!! I adore the flight bag you found, the pattern is really pretty!

charlie said...

Isn't Primark fun! I was recently in the UK and got my daughter and her Daddy a whole new wardrobe for 75 pounds!
But, alas, my 50p primark pants are falling to pieces less than a year after I bought them!

funkymonkey said...

Is there a cake left for me please? Primark's great for finding unexpected bargains I think. I had some bargain jewellery from there the other week and lots of lovley comments when I wear it.


vintage girl said...

Primark is fab! I love your buys, and those cakes look very yummy! have a lovely weekend. Lisaxxx

rachel the krafty girl said...

im new to your blog!
those cakes look delicious

and i love those primark bargains!have a nice time

Josie-Mary said...

The cakes look lovely, love the red spotty bag... didn't see them when I went yesterday :)

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

Ooh, I wish I could really take one of those chocolate cupcakes off the screen! The best bit of making cakes is ALWAYS licking the bowl! Well done on your great buys!

Rosesposes said...

Glad I stopped by your blog tonight. I need to get my lad some pjs, I love the sainsburys ones and will try and get him some but he is nearly ten, so fingers crossed they go up to that !. Love the bag too, those ones in Primark are fab for the price. I have a floral one that I use. Its a really comfy bag to use x Dom

louise said...

Don't mind if I do! Seeing your boys standing on the chairs reminded me of myself as a child standing on a chair washing up at my granny's kitchen sink. Lovely buys from Primark. I have been coveting some very pretty makeup and toiletry bags in TK Maxx recently. x