Tuesday, 7 April 2009


We are busy getting ready for Easter here. Reading stories, making cakes, Putting up decorations and making cards and gifts. What do you like best about Easter?



Shabby Chick said...

CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!! We don't really decorate or celebrate in any other way so I'm afraid the eggs is about it. Oh and going to Mum's for Easter tea, she makes a stupendous cake that I must photograph on Sunday. Glad you're having fun and that bowl is so cute!

Mel xxx

Bobo Bun said...

Hi there, finally catching up with everyone again. Love seeing what everyone is doing for easter, are we more excited than the kids do you think? By the way good that you had Quack just right.

Lisa x

Sarah said...

Chocolate, craft activities, lots of baking and generally doing what we like. In some ways Easter is better than Christmas especially with the weather being good (hopefully!).

bekimarie said...

Not sure what I like best but I am beginning to think I prefer Easter To Christmas.
A lot less stress, better weather and still the chance to give little gifts.
Have a great half ter.
Beki xxx

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

I love baking, blooming trees, getting all excited with my little daughter for the Easter Bunny and the color scheme!!

Jemm said...

The candy of course! No, just kidding. I love seeing my girls in there dresses and sandle for the first time of the season. I'll miss that when they are grown. Sniff sniff.

Pixiedust said...


lou said...

I love everything about Easter, but the chocolate does help and days out over the Easter holiday!
Love Lou xxx