Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Autumn bliss

I love Autumn:

  • Cosy sweaters
  • Plenty of hot choccie and tea
  • blankets and books
  • not so hot that you sweat, not so cold that you freeze
  • choosing which fingerless gloves to wear first
  • thick socks
  • candles
  • colouful leaves
  • conker collecting
  • forest walks
  • cinnamon, especially on fruit crumbles
  • halloween costumes
  • getting the boys in their pj's and taking them down to the seafront to wrap up in blankets with hot chocolate and stories and watch the fireworks in the distance
  • memories of me and the hubbies first meeting, first getting together and getting engaged - all in autumn
  • new pj's
  • thicker dressing gowns
  • warming porridge
  • soup with thick buttered bread

(photos my own or from weheartit)


vintage grey said...

So beautiful! Love that adorable deer pillow and crocheted blanket!! Happy Autumn! xo Heather

magie said...

Sounds divine..I just love Autumn as well :)
Really lovely photo's..I used my hot water bottle the other night and we had our first fire again in the wood burner.
I like the sound of the trip to the chocolate and watching fireworks..bliss.
Enjoy x

Mrs B said...

Hilarious that conker photo is mine... Was it on weheartit? Goes without saying, lovely photos :-)

thriftwood said...

Just lovely ... xxx

Musings Of A Gem said...

All things I look forward to!! So exciting : )

Gemma xxx

Country Rabbit said...

awwww such warming to the heart images x i love that one with your lovely throw and deer cushion ;0) and one of my fav images on pinterest is the woolly socks and toast ;0)xx

i tell you its very brisky today!
i actually was in such a rush on the school run id forgotten my purse so i didnt head the park way towards the city but i did have my camera and wanted to ctach the Autumn leaves falling ;0)x

keep snug my lovely!!!! x

Florence and Mary said...

My favourite time of year! I've just posted saying that very thing!!

Victoria xxx

OhSoVintage said...

And that lovely cool,slightly damp crispness to the mornings. I love the photo of the fingerless mittens with co-ordinating nail varnish.

the linen cloud said...

Lovely things ... I love autumn ... such a snuggly cosy time ... nothing better than a autumn walk and then a big bowl of lovely soup ... Bee x