Monday, 24 September 2012

What i've been up to

  • Finding out that oat milk works in tea. 
  • Sending of a little gift to this lovely lady.
  • Having a sort out of a junk drawer and finding lovely things - plus an old purse with £35 in it!!
  • Buying lots of flowers.
  • Making a card for my mum who had a minor operation.
  • Having date night with my man. Every few months we have nachos on the floor in front of the tele just like we used to do when we first got together at 17.
  • Finally making a granny square that vaguely looks like one!!
  • Making a rather yummy almond and cherry cake.
  • Feeling full of headache and cold - so chilling with tea and watching Enchanted.
  • Pilates and then tea and charity shop browsing with a friend.
  • Heading to the new big Primark at Chelmsford and finding a few lovely bits.
  • Spending vouchers in Ticketty boo in Chelmsford.
  • Lunch with my Mum here.
  • Recieving a gorgeous cushion in the post - first saw it in The simple things magazine.
  • Dinner at our favourite Santa Lucia.
  • Taking my boys to buy new football boots and trainers - They both have massive feet! My eldest is 10 and a size 5 (i've been telling him i may wear his new orange lace trainers :) now he is the same size as me) and my 5 year old already has size 1 feet!!
  • Having dinner with our friends and their gorgeous smiley baby.
  • Using this pattern and finally making some granny squares that i love and can actually do - i am going to make lots to make my first blanket.
  • Loving my little boys new 'Random' tshirt!!
  • Having a lazy sunday morning breakfast.
  • Dinner at Tgi's with my Dad and his wife.



aline said...

Blimey! busy busy busy!

magie said...

Lovely photo's as always :)

I haven't ever tried oat milk before..sounds interesting. I know I like soya milk in tea..I think it tastes a bit sweeter then normal milk.

Don't you just love it when you find something great while doing a sort out in a drawer or around the house...makes the cleaning/tidying worth the effort :P

I like the cardigan..very cute.

Your granny squares look great..Do share a photo of the blanket when it is completed. I still have two left hands when it comes to crocheting..getting the tension right is a nightmare for me.

Have a lovely day today x
PS: Those Nacho's look delish!!

little homebird said...

I can beat your children's feet sizes! My boy who is also 10 is a size 8 (same as me) and my girl who is 8 is a size 5.5/6!! Shoe buying has been hard work the whole of their lives because of their large feet and they have narrow feet too! Apparently feet sizes are hereditary and since my nan had quite large feet (even though she was average height), I didn't stand a chance of having lovely dainty feet! Hubby is a size 12 and all his family have big feet so our poor kids have the same problem! I hate having size 8 feet because every shop you go into there is very little choice and/or they sell out quickly. Ok rant over.......hope you enjoy your Monday xx

Christals Creations said...

You have been busy. We found 25€ in the foreign money pot. It used to be foreign money until we moved to Germany.

the linen cloud said...

Lovely list of busyness (is that a word) :) ... I really like that cardi ... very pretty ... Bee x

Deborah said...

All gorgeous! love the flowers jug and beaker :)

Bee happy x

VintageVicki said...

I am coverting that cardigan - going shopping this weekend and hoping they have those left.

Well done on the crochet - look forward to seeing first blanket soon :)

Both my two have giant feet - 16 year olds are a 12 and 14 year olds are a 9 - my hall is always full of enormous trainers :(

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

Ahh what a lovely little collection of photos. A great snapshot. x

vintage grey said...

Such sweet things to be busy with!! Love your crocheted projects! xo Heather

Lisa said...

Congrats on the crochet.
Loving the new cardi, I may have to drop into Primark when in town tomorrow.
I love Enchanted, esp all the dancing and singing in the park!
Lisa x

Florence and Mary said...

Where did you find the flash wipes?!

Victoria xxx