Monday, 1 October 2012

What i've been up to

Last week wasn't very busy for me. I have been ill with a horrible cold. I spent all weekend laying in bed or on the sofa too :(
But here is what i've been up to since last Monday.

  • As usual i have been eating lots of sweet treats - mmmmm chocolate millionaires shortbread left over from the weekend.
  • Setting up our first box this year for operation christmas child. I love doing this each year. We make up two boxes, one to send through the boys school and one for church.
  • I had a good tidy of my dressing table.
  • I love my new primark teatowels hanging from my oven.
  • Having leftover buffet food from the weekend for dinner.
  • Adding to my inspiration folders.
  • Tidying up my kitchen pin board.
  • Puting together an Autumn themed reading basket in the lounge for the boys.
  • Fighting through the rain, always on the school run!! But doing it in colour - i love my pink mac and daisy brolly.
  • Drinking tea and reading magazines.
  • Having a lovely lunch here with a couple of friends.
  • Presents i got my nephew - he loves dinosaurs - i was so happy to find a dino card with his age on and dino wrapping paper - i hope he liked them.
  • My hubbie went out for the night with his brother, so i had a nice dinner with my boys - pizza with extra goats cheese - mmmm and then tea and choc chip cookies.
  • Sticking with my youngest - lovely winnie the pooh sticker book.
  • Driving past the gorgeous houses of our town including the gorgeous dutch cottage.
  • Feeling oh so rough so getting my son to make cakes for his bake sale (i had plans to make football cupcakes and another cherry and almond cake but just couldn't do it, so luckily i had a Tom and Jerry cake mix) and then dragging myself to my sons senior school to be open evening.
  • Being so addicted to watching 24. Me and the hubbie have just finished season 5 on netflix. It was soooo good - we have been up far too late ("lets just watch one more")
  • Taking the boys to school and then coming home and falling on the sofa to watch t.v and films - honestly this is the worst cold i've had for a while.
  • Watching The help - amazing film!!!!
  • Spending the whole weekend in (The boys and hubbie still went out), mt other half did a good job of looking after me though and even made an attempt at doing the washing (see above)!!!
  • The boys looked extremely cute painting their outdoor playhouse with their dad.
  • Listening (and smiling) to my youngest laying on the other sofa talking to 'go deigo go' on the tele.
  • Feeling cold then hot, wrapping up in blankets and cushions, then throwing them off again.
  • Getting fed up of watching tele!!!!!! i put the great british bake off on for the first time - actually quite enjoyed it. Will probably carry on watching now.
  • Feeling annoyed that i had to cancel a lunch out with some IG ladies :(
  • Making myself peanut butter and jam on toast whilst i knew the boys and hubbie were enjoying a roast at my in laws. Thankfully, they brought me back a roast!!!!!!
  • A spot of crochet.
  • Loving the Flash vintage cleaners.
  • Drinking so much honey, lemon and cinnamon drinks - i'm now completely sick of them!!!



Deborah said...

Hope you feel better soon sweetie, love your dressing table, so pretty :)

Bee happy x

koralee said...

Hope you are feeling better...sometimes it is a blessing to spend a few days on the sofa. Love your photos...thanks for sharing.

magie said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwell, sounds like an awful cold :( I hope you are feeling better now.

Oh, I do love a good chocolate millionaire shortbread..when my parents were over for the month, my dad would always go down to the butchers and buy those (amoung other goodies :P). My family has a big ol' sweet tooth.

I just started to watch the great British bake off as well..I have been really enjoying it though (problem is I always crave something sweet when watching's a dieters nightmare..haha).

I always love to see what you have been up always captured your week so well in your photo's :)

Take care sweetie..
Magie x

I will try to get the 'follow' bit of my instagram sorted I will be sure to add you when I do :)

vintage grey said...

Hope you feel better soon!! Take care! xo Heather

Josie-Mary said...

Poor you, hope you feel better soon :) xx

Christals Creations said...

The Help was very good, we read the book in book club then went to see the film together.
Do your children actually put the books back in the basket? We have a 'shelf' downstairs and they may as well have a library in their room.
But I am forever picking the books back up.

the linen cloud said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather ... hopefully it will pass soon ... try the soup ... great for clearing a stuffy head :) ... Bee x

Country Rabbit said...

awwww huni, hope you feel brighter soon x, my little girly's just caught a cold and was coughing all night, i packed her off to school but i hope she's ok. so much eye candy here today, love all your homely images- my nanny had bay windows and i grew up in a home with more square style bay windows- lots of lovely light flooding front room has a bay window as its a very old house originally - i do love period homes ;0)- beautiful dressing all your scrapping books and havent you done well with crochet ;0)xx

Country Rabbit said...

hello again, i have two of the elf's , no markings, but my mum thnks they might be cake toppers- not sure how old they are ;0)x

Vintage Jane said...

Hope you're feeling better. So glad to have found your lovely blog!