Monday, 10 September 2012

A big old catch up

Hello, Its the start of another busy week. But, before i get on with my housework (yawn!!!) I am going to let you know some of what i have been up to since we came back from our hols.

Photos from my phone:

I found this star sequin in the garden. I showed my 5  
year old who gasped 'Mummy! It must be a real star that's fallen out of the sky!' I said 'do you think so?'
and he said 'yes it is, it really is'.
So i said ' well then, we had better keep it safe'

My eldest has had his 10th birthday! How do i have a 10 year old?? Time really has flown!

After a whole year of not visiting a carboot sale i have finally managed to get to two.
At the first one i found this:
Do you remember these?
I only bought it because i had a 'OMG! i had that' moment!!

I also got some books for the boys - £1 each brand new. And some Charlie and Lola notelets for 50p

My best buys were this gorgeous tin and bambi. £1 for the two!!!

My eldest celebrated his birthday with a trip to the cinema and Frankie and Bennys with friends and then a sleepover:

Many a cup of my favourite PG tips the fresh one have been consumed these last couple of weeks:

My last Mollie Makes came through the door (To those that regularly read my blog, yes, i still squeal!)
I am pretty certain i will subscribe again. Yes, its becoming a bit samey, but i still love the pictures, free gifts etc.

I am really excited to be going to the Knit and stitch show with a group of instagram ladies in October

I took my boys to a favourite cafe of ours for lunch:

Mmmm i can never resist the veggie roast

After we took a quick trip to Battlesbridge antique centre.
Ok, so the boys don't enjoy it quite as much as me, but i like that they do have an interest, especially if they find a cool toy car!!! They also enjoyed looking at the old cameras, hearing me telling them about the things that my Mum, and Nan had, and squirming at the stuffed animals!!!

I finally took down the dodgy nets that were in our windows. I kept them up because we are on a busy road so really need the privacy. I was going to get some plainer nets, but i love how the window looks without them. However, the lounge window really needs something, so i have decided to put up another rail under the stained glass with some voiles that can be pulled if we need to. I also got rid of the grubby burgandy curtains that were there when we moved in and have replaced them with bargain curtains from Argos - under £40!!! I love them - they are Mocha (a sort of browny grey)

Whenever i change my hoover bag, i like to put a few drops of essential oils in the filter. I normally choose lavender, but this time i went for rose. Everytime you hoover the smell wafts out!!!

My mum took my boys to her friends house (she has a pool)
Anyone else have as much trouble blowing up armbands as me??
I have no puff.........

.........So, i took sometime to myself (In my new sunny window) with a mag.....

......and a favourite film.

I had a little tidy up of my dressing table. I love to sit here looking at all my treasures

We went to the food fair at Cressing temple barns. I normally love going here, but this time there were hardly any stalls!!
Still we had a nice time looking around the beautiful garden.......

The boys played on the bouncy castle while me and hubbie sat, pimms for me, beer for him.
I love fairground music.

Before heading home we stopped off at Tiptree to look around the Jam museum and have a cream tea

My new bedroom light. I love the big round globes - but they cost about £300. So i found something similar in Next that i liked for about £70.
 I love it!!! It creates patterns and rainbows all over the room. Very Pollyanna!!!

Tea and almond shortbread from the food fair

Me and hubbie took the boys for cake at a lovely cafe in Leigh.
I love this place. The decor is so gorgeous 

We went for a walk around Hadleigh and up to the castle ruins

Then back home for a veggie roast and tiptree ketchup

The first day the kids were back at school i took myself off to Chelmsford to have a wander around Tkmaxx. I came away with a pack of gorgeous Ladybird postcards, Hobbycraft to buy a hook and wool (I am meeting up with two lovely instagram ladies who are going to teach me how to crochet) and bought myself a couple of jumpers in Next. Then it was off for lunch with a couple of school mums to sit on the decking here and sip Pimms.

I headed to Leigh with my Mum. I bought two gorgeous candles - these smell amazing!!! And they aren't overpowering or artificial at all. A lovely small vase and some more wool from a Charity shop

Time for a bath with my new candle and a disaronno

I love finding old tops that have been forgotten. Making a bit more of an effort for a breakfast out with a friend

When a lovely school mum found out i was going to start crocheting she gave me this set of hooks ( Honestly, she always has such fab stuff!! shes always giving me crafty bits!!!) These hooks are really old - i love them

Lasagne and garlic bread cooking nicely:

A nice meal with hubbie before catching up with 24 and Whitney

A friend and i were all set for our first pilates back after the hols. We got there and it was cancelled. So we set off for a cup of tea and a hunt around a charity shop. I came away with some big doilies. I want to make myself this gorgeous pouffe for our lounge.

My eldest requested i make a butterscotch tart - yum!!

Having a little crochet practise. Lines is all i can manage at the moment

Looking to Dottie Angel for some crafty inspo

Making pancakes for the boys

Having a tidy up in the breakfast room. I really need to use this room more as its so lovely.
I am still on the hunt for an old wooden table. I think i'll use it more then

My next carboot finds. Two old milk jugs £3 and another bambi £4

After an instagramer told me should would put a bookshelf in my breakfast room, i put some of my faves in there.

Dinner out with the hubbie before heading to the pubs with friends for a birthday party

We had a gorgeous day in the sunshine yesterday (i'll post some pictures off my camera later in the week)
We went to Hedingham castle for the Vintage and classic car show. It was soooo good. And a roast afterwards at my inlaws set the day off perfectly.



magie said...

You sure packed in a lot of fun outings!

A Happy (slightly be-lated) Birthday to your son :)

I just love the tin and the deer you bought at the boot sale..bargain for a £1. I haven't been to a boot sale since the little one has arrived..when she is a bit older though I will go again to get my boot sale fix :P

I also like the lady bird postcards, I will have to see if I can get those for the little ones room..they are just adorable!

Best of luck with the crochet. I have attempted to learn as well, still practising doing just a line of them (though struggling with getting the tension right, my fingers are so awkward :P).

Have a lovely week x

Country Rabbit said...

lovely photographs as always my lovely! ;0) I do enjoy your postings.
happy 10th birthday! wow! doesnt time fly!!!!!...lovely car booty finds and visits...Spent a lot of my childhood with my mothers friends on their strawberry, herbs and free range hen farm...they had a huge lake at the end of their farm next to the woods- we would swing on a tire from the hay stacks!...lovely memories of the jam factory too ;0)x

thriftwood said...

What a busy weekend! Lots of lovely meals out and a bit of thrifting ... perfect! xxx

Lisa said...

What a lot of lovely days out you've had!
I think the thing your little one said about the fallen star is just so sweet, bless him.
Good luck with the crochet. I can do a slightly wonky chain and then not much else, I will get better one day I'm sure!
Love the idea of the rose in the vac, will have to buy some.
I do like a mooch around TKMaxx when i get into town, they can do some really lovely things in there.
I need to get on with my housework now, but could quite easily sit and watch the Holiday instead, such a good film.
Lisa x

Emma x said...

Fab thrifty finds! I went to a carboot sale near me in Newquay a couple of months ago and it scared me as everyone was there before it started (we were there early as were fitting it in between nap times) and they were pushing a shoving. When it was time to go in a klaxson went off and everyone ran in! I wouldn't have minded but there was only really 'rubbish' there, must have a hunt for a more civilsed one.

Looks like you've had some lovely days out and those almond short breads look yummy!

Lisa said...

I also meant to ask if you could share the butterscotch tart recipe please. I remember this from school.
Lisa x

Lx @ Twelve said...

That was a lovely catch up!
So many lovely things, but the star has to be the best!


Christals Creations said...

You have been busy!
I didn't realise Hadleigh had a castle. Oopss!
Lots of lovely pics.

Kelly said...

Wow you have been busy!!
I had that exact toy, what were they called?
So funny we were in Garda within a few weeks of each other!!! You know you were only an hour away from Michela too! I'll send you the details of where we are in Venice, you would love it!

Florence and Mary said...

Ok I cannot talk to you right now... I've been looking on eBay for months now for those Sweet Secrets toys but they're sooo expensive!!!! I need to go on a boot sale hunt!!

Cressing Temple is lovely isn't it, I keep saying that's where I'm going to get married!

Victoria xx