Monday, 17 September 2012

What i've been up to

  • Eating far too many crumpets with butter and drinking tea.
  • Watching the newer version of Footloose and loving it. Didn't think i would as i really hated the new version of Fame.
  • Making and eating warm butterscotch tart and icecream.
  • Meeting up with two lovely Instagram ladies here for a spot of lunch, tea, shopping and crochet.
  • Practising a granny square and messing up - but turning it into a cute little flower brooch instead.
  • Being crafty.
  • Making and sending off a little baby lavender heart to a bloggy friend.
  • Going with my Mum and eldest son to see Starlight Express.
  • Making my first Thai curry.
  • Getting new Mollie Makes buttons through the post (Most of my first lot were broke)
  • Buying Eat, Pray, love - I love that film so much. I find it so inspiring. So i am hoping i will love the book.
  • Eating my favourite Goats cheese, beetroot and caramalised onion pizza whilst watching 24 with the hubbie.
  • Getting back into Pilates from the summer break.
  • Finally finding The simple things magazine.
  • Enjoying the mag with luxury chocolate chip shortbread.
  • Finally starting to get the hang of granny squares (sort of)
  • Changing my plans for the end of the week as little one was ill and at home for two days.
  • Taking on an Instagram challenge of showing my favourite colour. I chose blue.
  • Finding my stash of badges and brooches and realising i don't wear them enough.
  • Being woken up far too early on a saturday for my liking. So snuggling up with a blanket, tea and making nice lists whilst the little one plays on super mario wiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! I cannot say wiiiiiii without exagerating!! ha!!!!!
  • How great and tacky is my pen!? love it - the boat moves up and down. Wish i could find more of these!!!
  • Having a lazy Saturday breakfast.
  • Having a lazy saturday afternoon making cakes and watching films with my youngest whilst hubbie and oldest son went to watch Arsenal v Southampton (My hubbbies first ever game!) so glad he isn't a footie nut!!
  • Heading to Loughton (ergh!!!! full of orange, fake haired bimbos) for a 15 year college reunion.
  • Waking up to find a huge gorgeous pink flower in the garden.
  • Going to church parade - my eldest is now a cub scout sixer.
  • Buying a beautiful cushion and jug in Next.
  • Having the yummiest roast at The Olive grove.
  • Having a Lazy Sunday afternoon watching Harry Potter with the family.



Beki said...

I tried reading 'Eat Pray Love' when it first came out but couldn't get on with it, watched the film and loved it so think I might try the book again now.
Looks like you've been very busy xx

thriftwood said...

Lovely, cosy images ... the visual equivalent of a comfy pair of slippers!

Have a lovely Monday,

Claire xx

thelinencloud said...

Lovely pictures and lovely things to do ... I too had broken buttons from Mollie Makes, but got a new packet the other day ... I like the jug from Next ... saw a bits and bobs bowl in there last week from the same range ... it was very cute ... have a good week ... Bee x

Crafted by Carly said...

You've been busy! And you've made me crave a crumpet (can't buy them in Germany).

Country Rabbit said...

hello lovely one, do enjoy your catch ups...lovely treats n treasures x and your foody pics always make me want my dinner quicker than its ready tehe ;0)...ive been crocheting today- ive finally got back into the swing of it...thanks to the mummy friend said she wants a blanket for her baby boy hehe...not quite that advanced lol x

Country Rabbit said...

crumpets yum yum yum x

Annaboo said...

Thought I'd come and shout hi at you from IG land!
Nice blog!
Am newest follower, too.
Have a fabulous week.

Lisa Lawless Furey said...

I really really love you posts like this...they make me feel all cosy and inspire me to try get more crafty x

LaaLaa said...

What a feast for the eyes! I'm loving your starry jumper/Converse/CL bag combo. Lovely lovely. Xx

vintage grey said...

Such sweet photos, and I love floral embroidered pin! So sweet! Have a great week! xoHeather

Musings Of A Gem said...

Great photos!! I really love the crochet flower brooch you made. Gorgeous!!

Gemma xxx

Josie-Mary said...

I love the fact you always include lots of yummy food photo's!! I have a boat pen, it my favourite pen but it's run out :( x

Tammy said...

What a beautiful site! I'm your newest follower.

Delightful is so lovely. I read Eat, Pray, Love a while ago...and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Have a wonderful afternoon.


Michelle Fallon said...

Oh my gosh I so want crumpets now !!

Michelle Fallon said...

Oh my gosh I so want crumpets now !!

magie said...

I am always impressed by how much you manage to pack into a make me look right lazy :P haha

I love a good ol' buttered crumpet in the's my Monday morning tradition..crumpets with a cup of tea.

Again thanks so much for the lovely lavender heart, the smell is just so calming and relaxing :) I am so pleased I have you as a blogging friend!

I had forgotten all about those type of pens..I use to just love those type of pens as a child, that float from one end to another...I thought they were just amazing :P (still do!)

Have a lovely day today x

♥ Miss Tea said...

lovely pictures as usual! i just love what you took, gave me inspirations...

x susan

Kelly said...

Lovely pictures and lovely things to do!!!