Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The things i know for sure:

However many spot creams i have tried, white toothpaste still works the best:

 Everyone looks better when they smile:

No one looks good orange or with make up lines - blend, blend, blend:

Make time for your friends, the cleaning can wait:

 Date nights are essential for a happy marriage:

Too much jewellery is tacky. As a rule never wear long earrings and a necklace together. Marilyn Monroe was so stylish when it came to wearing jewels. Often she wore none, or just one piece:

 Crocs are a big no no, sepecially for adults:

 Audrey Hepburn is the most wonderful role model:

 Wine makes me very very ill:

 Bring me chocolate chip (egg free) shortbread and i'll be your friend for life:

 Its nice to say Thank you:

 Only you can make you happy:

 If you sit down with a box of chocolates or biscuits, you will eat them all!! Just put a couple on a plate:


Pictures from Weheartit
Please note these are my opinions, you may not agree.


Romi and Bob said...

Lovely! I have to say, I do hate Corcs and don't understand why anyone would put them on a child¨s feet! They look very bad for the feet.
Very true about the biscuits. Isn't the cup with the cosy a dream? xxx

LaaLaa said...

Great post! Oh, I'm so with you on the Crocs! I HATE them. I live in a big city and see so many people in them. They're OK on a five year old on the beach but on anyone else, no way. They just make me think 'your feet must be so sweaty'. Yuck! xx

Bee happy said...

How easy is it to finish off a box of chocs or biscuits, great advice!!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

from_fun_to_mum said...

only you can make you happy! never have ! heard anything wiser! great post!

Mimi and Tilly said...

I loved this post! Thank you for making me smile today. Em x

Emma MacDonald said...

Fab photos and you can't beat a cuppa and biscuits! Popped other from Tots100 and a new follower :)

Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Hello - I popped over from your comment at Belle and Boo - I'm tempted by those tins too. Anyway, I DO agree - with everything actually (wine makes me ill too!).