Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Weightloss wednesday and a giveaway

This is my first week reporting about my weightloss.
I have lost 1 pound.
I did very well with my snacks last week and did swap bad for good. However we ate out quite alot and also had friends round for dinner didn't do too well there!

This week....Exercise:

A few years ago, when i was at my leanest....i walked i don't much at all!!
I was also so busy busy busy all the time...but too the point it wasn't good for me. So as i calmed down i was bound to put on a bit of weight.
I'm feeling really unfit at the moment, so i need to step up my exercise.
In the past i have been to gyms, gone swimming, and taken part in different classes including yoga which i loved.
Yoga is such a great form of exercise. I used to go with a friend and come back feeling calm and sleepy, ready for bed...but not feel worn out. I noticed my limbs becoming leaner and had a very flat stomach. However i had to stop as i suffer from back problems due to one leg being ever so slightly shorter than the other (it is not really noticeable but its enough that my spine begins to go out of line if i don't wear a raise in one of my shoes) as in yoga you have to have barefeet for balance, it was starting to cause a problem. Although saying that i have heard of yoga shoes.....which i keep meaning to buy, then maybe i can start up again.

Last year we did a few family walks...but with little legs around us it wasn't really exercise...just leisurely strolls.
We did go out on our bikes a few times.....I hope to do that alot more this year..i'm just waiting for it to get a little warmer.

Just before christmas me and the hubbie decided to buy the above rowing machine. It is such a great workout (apparently Anna Friel does 20 mins on hers most nights). It really works the whole body and in less time than other gym equipment. We pull it into our lounge so we can watch the tv as we are doing it.....its amazing how much quicker the time goes if you can watch your favourite programme.
My husband goes on it at least 3 times a week....i'm not quite as good ;)
Although i am happy with my progress...the first time i did it i could only manage 4 minutes!!! now i can do 15.
So this week i am going to carry on being good with my healthier snacks and i will make sure i have used the rowing machine at least 3 times.

Next week: Breakfasts.


 There is a wonderful giveaway at Dreaming of the simple life
In return for entering we have to post about our first album purchase.
I was a child of the 80's -early 90's and i am pretty sure that the first album i bought was The Beach Boys - i still have it!!
Some more early albums that i got were Little Jimmy Osmond!!! and Kylie minogues first album Kylie.

Have a good week all


Annie said...

Good luck with the healthy eating and excercise, I really must start again. I joined weight watchers over a year ago and did quite well until I stopped going ! Losing a pound considering what you have eaten the last week is good, I think losing a steady 1-2 pounds a week is much better for you and more sustainable long term.
Ann x

twiggypeasticks said...

Good luck with your eating and exercise, it's funny but I have a very dodgy back due to an accident I had about 10 years ago but it turns out one of my legs is slightly longer than the other too. I like to think I'm like a teddy bear as they are uneven as well :) Glad you've got a good response to your heart request.
Twiggy x
PS I've been losing weight by walking Twiglet to school and back every day !!

Anonymous said...

Well done you. I went for physio at the hospital last week and was told off for not taking any exercise! You're doing really well.xx

Shabby Chick said...

Well done Lissylou! Sounds like you're doing well to me :)

I think I had Kylie's second album, I know the first album I ever bought was Jason Donovan's "Too Many Broken Hearts" heehee

Mel xxx

Lalabibaby said...

Hi Lissy .... well done on the weight loss .... every little helps ... I am a gymophobe and have been known to walk in one door and straight out of the other. I must really walk more with the dogs but it is difficult to fit in with the school runs because they don't allow us to take them in the playground ... a shame because our walk home is thru a lovely big park. Thanks for linking to my giveaway and the Beach Boys are one of my faves too .... there is nothing like driving round on a summer's day with the windows down and California Girls blasting out ... my fave BB is God Only Knows ... I get goosebumps every time I hear it x

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Well done on the pound!!

I was thinking about your yoga, and I'm sure if you found the right tutor they'd be able to help. There are all sorts of workarounds you can do - sticking to mat exercises for example. I love yoga and have been at it since my college days - even thought about training to teach last year but it's pretty expensive and I wasn't sure. Got an extra p/t job instead. Maybe one day.

Love Charlotte

MelMel said...

Great that you're doing so well!
The wallpaper was laminated using laminating sheets and an iron and a tea

Kissed by an Angel said...

Good luck with WLW!!! You are doing fantastically well if you use a rowing machine - my personal hate!!!

roseylittlethings said...

Yea for you! Hope this next week is even better for you!