Thursday, 28 January 2010

Essentials and a Red Heart Update.

I thought i'd show you some of the lovelies from my current favourite magazine.

I am overwhelmed!!!
i have 53 lovely ladies who have said they will send me something. Isn't that amazing??!!

Thank you, thank you to all of you....i am quite teary!! in a good way though.
If any of you still need my address, let me know.



Anonymous said...

This month's mag looks great. I don't normally buy it but may give it a try. Items should be with you early next week.xx

TheMadHouse said...

My magazine habit has had to be dealth with as pennies dont allow. I have a couple of subscribtion as hifrs - country Life and Good Living.

I finnished a heart last night so will have to pop in the post

Andi's English Attic said...

The red hat! The red hat! xx

Shabby Chick said...

Ooh some yummy pictures there, I love the country guest room... if only!

Wow 53 contributors, that's great, hopefully you'll have mine tomorrow sweetie. The BHF is a cause I really believe in because my Dad died of a heart attack (although we didn't know he had a problem).

Mel xxx

Joe said...

I really enjoy this magazine & would much rather buy in then CL.....cheaper too :)

a mermaids purse said...

WOWEEE such a great idea! and you have a wonderful amount of contributors- good luck with it grandad had serious heart probs when he had a heart attack in his 50's but amazingly lived til he was 90!!!!...but had alot of love and support x
i loved that dress with flower print in your mag! beautiful ;0) could see you in that with your lovely figure! hehe ;0)xxxx

bellaboo said...

I love that magazine too,along with Country Homes and Interiors.Looks like there are lots of goodies in this months edition!
Have a lovely weekend.

Bellaboo said...

Love the mag! I will try and send my contribution next week, so you can have it in plenty of time! I am so pleased that you have had such a great response. I have done a link to you on my blog too, hope you get more! suzie. xxx

Sam said...

Sent you a little something today in the post xx

Sam xx

madmummy said...

Hi there! Have made something to send you, so please could I have ur address!!
Thanks! x Steph

Kelly said...

Hi sweetie I have been so out of the loop I will of course send you something (E mail you seperately, I may drop the stuff off to you or see If M is around?)

Florence and Mary said...

Isn't it great when all Spring ranges come out, always seem so cheery through Jan.

I'm putting some money in the post for you next week so you'll have that towards your cause.

Victoria xx