Sunday, 1 February 2009

My Dolls house

About a week ago Sharon asked me about my dollshouse, i told her i would put some piccies on. So here they are:

I haven't put the outside on, as close up it's not a pretty sight. It used to be blue, but i wanted to paint it cream, it's also in need of some repair, so at the moment it's in the middle of being revamped. There is a small picture down the side of my blog.

I have had my dollshouse for about 15 years, it was second hand when i got it. It can be quite a pricy hobby, and as you can see it is taking me along time to collect bits and fill it up, but i guess thats part of the fun. I didn't have my dolls house with me for along while as we used to live in a flat and there was no room, so it was packed away. Thats when it got damaged.

I love the cat asleep under the chair in the sitting room.

The kitchen is one of my fave rooms. I used to have a lovely mouse, but it got lost. My mum got me this little plastic one, which is nice but i wish i could find another like i had before.

The little crib in the corner is from an American antique shop. The story attached to it was it belonged to a little girl in New England who had it in the dolls house she played with. It's my only 'real' victorian piece.

I haven't visited a dollshouse fair for years. I have it in my diary to go this year, aslong as i have some spare money to spend that is.

Are there any other dollshouses in blogland that i can have a nosey round????? x


Thecraftytrundler said...

Oooooh Lissy, that's gorgeous!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you posted it!! I just love that little brass double bed!
You're right about it being expensive. I remember going to a specialist shop in Uppingham, Leics, and they had the most lovely, handcrafted pieces of furniture. I remember seeing a little Victorian wardrobe, with a real little mirror in the door, and a real little drawer that opened underneath. I would have been tempted, but at about £50.00 at the time (about 15 years ago) I decided it was a bit too pricey for me.
There are quite a few good books about making your own furniture & doll's house items. I have a few books myself. If we lived closer, you would be welcome to borrow them, but what I could do for you, is give you the book name, author, and ISBN number, and you could ask your library to request them for you. Let me know, if you"d like me to.

Sharon xx

Shabby Chick said...

Hiya, that dolls house is so gorgeous! My Mum has two (one is kind of victorian and the other is middle eastern themed) and I'll try and get some pics for you next weekend. I love all the tiny details, the dog under the kitchen table in yours is so sweet and the nursery is adorable. I think part of the greatness of dolls houses is that it's so lovely to create a tiny perfect world.

Mel xxx

MelMel said...

Aha.....i can leave a message...yippe!
Love the doll to come and play!?xxxx

periwinkle said...

I used to have a dolls house which my dad made for me, it had little lights and everything ..
lisa x

Jemm said...

I have a dollhouse that was a kit my Grandpa put together for me when I was a little girl. It is still bare as my mom and dad didn't have much money for these types of things. I am hoping to paint it and furnish it with my girls. They play with it anyway with their little Polly Pocket dolls. I just loved looking in yours. Thank you so much for sharing!!

Polly said...

I love your dolls house, it was something i always longed for as a little girl but never got.

Deb said...

What an adorable dolls house! I love the little beagle climbing the stairs :-)

Sal said...

Hi there..thanks for visiting my blog.
I have always wanted to do up a dolls house..yours looks fabulous! ;-)

Tea with Willow said...

Oooh, I love your doll's house - I had one as a child and I must admit, I would really love a "grown up" one with beautiful furniture and bits and bobs!

Willow x

belleandboo said...

I have never had a 'proper' grown up dolls house, its a must for the future, yours is adorable