Thursday, 19 February 2009

A fairly long post:

Hello Ladies,

Firstly i must say thank you to LittleknitterGem at Deravelled for some lovely awards , you can see them down the side of my posts.

I have had a lovely few days with my boys, all the boys (even the biggest one). My hubby has been off work to spend some time with the kids. We have been bike riding, shopping, film watching and eating out. It's been lovely, i miss him now hes gone back.
Yesterday we went into Leigh on sea, a lovely seaside town a short drive from us. We had a lovely lunch at our favourite veggie restaurant and then took the kids to the park.

My hubby nipped off and came back with this single rose (how sweet!) It's the same kind we had on our wedding day.
This is the lovely library in Leigh, it's so pretty and next to a really lovely park.

We walked down to the front. Theres a lovely shop full of wonderful bits. The boys like it as theres a tram inside!! We had a look at the boats and my eldest through stones into the wet sand.
You can just see Hadleigh castle in the distance.

When back, my littlest went into the bathroom to wash his hands (he gets this from me, i'm a little OCD)
While in Leigh we popped into my favourite shop for gifts and household bits, called Natural Edge. From the front it looks tiny, but inside it goes far back and is just wonderful. I really could buy everything. However, i just got these cute little badges to jazz up my cardis and my eldest bought me this lovely crystal heart (see below) How cute! He is so kind. He reminded me of the scene in 'Pollyanna' where they make rainbows from hanging crystals in the window. It amazed me as he watched that ages ago, but he said he likes to look at the rainbows in our bathroom from other crystals i have! Love him!
I took this picture of a pineapple because they fascinate me!! Please don't think i'm crazy, but i love them. After seeing a dancing pineapple in 'The snowman' they always make me smile. Also i'm sure eating lots (and i mean lots) of pineapple is what made me go into labour with my youngest!!

The lovely heart. I think i'll hang it in the bathroom window above the loo!!
My husband has been an angel recently, and he gave me some money to buy some clothes (for my new colours!)As you can see my wardrobe no longer consists of black and white and now has an array of greens, reds, purples and blue tops!! I also got a fabulous bright red coat in New Look and this lovely bag (yes another one) i'm addicted!!

We had a cinema night. My son made us tickets, we bought some ice cream and watched Kung Fu Panda, very funny.
Today we have had abit of a lazy one, although i did take my eldest to swimming this morning. We have watched High School Musical 3 and Bugsy Malone. I love the High School Musical films, they are such feel good movies!!
Enjoy the rest of the week, we are off to a farm tommorrow with friends and i plan on a Papa Johns takeaway. Yummy!! xx


Jackie said...

How beautiful is that library building?.... I am so jealous!! :O)

Thecraftytrundler said...

What a fantastic few days!!! It's great that the snow has gone, and we can get out and do things. It looks as though you have all thoroughly enjoyed yourselves!!!
Love the crystal heart from your son!! Such good taste! Also what a great husband you have!!! Love that bag!!

Have fun, hun : )

Sharon xx

Little Knitter Gem said...

Wow you've done some lovely things over the last few days. The crystal is beautiful - what a sweetie your son is!! And the rose is lovely, too. You've got some alright men around you there, lady!! :)

Gemma x x

Shabby Chick said...

Like your piccies, the squirrels are cute :) How nice of your son to buy you a present! Those badges are so sweet too, that shop sounds gorgeous.

Mel xxx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahh lovely.
How sweet of your boy to buy you that heart, so cute.

Jemm said...

That sounds like a perfect little getaway day you had. I'm so jealous! I'm stuck in this town all the time, working six days per week doesn't leave much leisure time. As owners we can't just take days off really without losing revenue. Boo hoo :(

Doolallysally said...

You've been having a lovely time! The seaside town of Leigh looks great but whats a Papa Johns takeaway?! Love Sal x

Miss sew n sew said...

Lots of lovely looking places your boy's sound so sweet what lovely gifts!
Enjoyed Kung Fu Panda to good for kids and adults so funny!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

looks like a fun time and a nice bag :-)
we are on our 4th watch of hsm3 today ............. i do secretly like the films though even at age 37!

LittleGem said...

Looks like you had a lovely day, and wonderful pictures too thanks for sharing them :) X

Chatelaine said...

Sounds like you had a wonderfully relaxing mini vacation. The library looks amazing- I thought it was an inn. Your husband and children are so sweet to give you thoughtful gifts.

I'll visit yur blog again. Thanks for the comment on my Valentine's Tea.

Charlotte Evans, Cottontails said...

I really loved reading your post - it sounds like such a nice week and it was just nice to hear about other people pottering around, having a nice time. Your husband sounds like a gem!

My boyfriend and I have just had a lovely day out at West Midlands Safari Park. Nothing cute, stylish or vintage about it but we had a really fun time!

Love Charlotte