Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Today whilst blogging i have a cup of tea and my favourite!! choc chip shortbread.I thought i'd let you see my most recent buys (all of them bargains i must add)
This big jar is from Matalan from the Anthea Turner range (Not bad for £5). I will change its uses but for now it has my fabric samples in, next to my sewing machine, Which can you believe it i still haven't used!!!!
My trusty face brightner from Barbara Daly at Tesco, i love it!! It smells fab. I use it on it's own, under foundation or just to highlight, it's also got an Spf.
I really need new socks! Most have holes in them. So heres my first pair from Tesco.

I have needed a small purse to fit in little bags, when i'm going out, but kept forgetting to get one. I saw this in the sale at Tesco for £1!!
Whilst in Matalan, my littlest spotted IgglePiggle from In the night garden and started to get very excited!! I couldn't resist!!
These were also in the sale at Tesco. These cups change pictures as you move them. My eldest and his friend will love them.
The 2 little boys watching T.V yesterday.
I don't always buy this but i loved the cover this month. Its great inside too! Here are some of my faves:
I love white rooms!
I loved the photography on these fashion pages.
Doesn't she look so cosy!?! I want that outfit.
This house is so pretty.
More white.
Hope your having a good week girlies


Shabby Chick said...

My little one would LOVE those PJ's! My older one would prefer a Dalek, she's not girly at all :-/

Love the socks and the jar xxx

Rosesposes said...

Hi is that an M& s cookie one or did you make it. Last week when my daughter had her hair cut I didnt have any spare change for the hairdresser for a tip. So we went in M&S and I popped a cookie on my bank card! and we took it back and gave it to the hairdresser!as her tip.
Love the matalan jar. i didnt see them last week when I went into matalan!
I love the pjs so cute x

Rosesposes said...

ps I hope you saved me half then !! they are so yummy and more ish !!

Sal said...

Yes,it's a lovely Country Living this month..gorgeous homes! ;-)

Jackie said...

What could be better than sitting down blogging with a cup of tea and chocolate chip cookie!! - yummy :O)

Thecraftytrundler said...

They do yummy choc chip shortbread at the Co-op in the village!!! It looks very similar to yours. I feel peckish now!!
I was another who bought the CL mag too, I needed cheering up at the time!!! Haven't had a decent chance to read it yet, it's been a hectic few days!!
Hugs : )

Sharon xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

i need new socks desperately!! i love that glass jar thanks for the info i shall be visiting matalan very soon :-)

thriftymrs said...

I have the same AT jar and I think I need more I'm a jar-a-holic.

Heidi said...

Yum! I love shortbread. The glass jar is so pretty and the British Country Living is also a favorite magazine of mine. I need to get out and buy a copy. I have not been to a magazine shop in ages.

Hugs ~

Charlotte Evans, Cottontails said...

Lovely bits and bobs... and so true that we don't have to spend a fortune to have nice things. I saw a hot water bottle in Tesco just before Christmas that I WISH I'd bought. It was a lovely pink with a red heart... sort of thing you could pay £30 for but it was reduced to £2 or something. Oh why didn't I get it!!
Love Charlotte