Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Fun in the snow

My hubby came home early from work yesterday so he picked up my eldest and went straight into the garden for some fun in the snow, Luckily i joined them after a little while as the youngest had a nap (he doesn't like snow). We made snow angels and had a snowball fight and then got on with making a snowman.

After, when our feet and hands had had enough of the cold, we all warmed up with hot chocolate.
I was disappointed that my son had to go to school, as all the other children were out playing in the snow. But, it turned out they actually had a nice day with no school work, they were allowed to play outside for a while, got to make snowflakes and have free play and then they watched 101 Dalmations. They decided to close the school today.

My eldest has been bringing lovely letters and pictures home for us in homemade envelopes. I think it's lovely that he decides to use free playtime to make things for us.

I am abit angry with CK at the moment as i haven't recieved my catalogue or my samples. At least the new Joules catalogue came through today.
I don't normally spend very much on clothes, but i did buy a skirt, trousers and top from here last year and they were so lovely and well made that i may invest in 1 or 2 items this year.
I love the weelies:
and cute dresses:
I love this navy cardi with different coloured buttons, i may try that myself:
This dress is so pretty and looks great with the brown belt:
Don't get me wrong i'd never swap my boys for anything, we even wanted 2 boys (girls seem too much like hard work. I'm thinking of the teenage years here and the arguments me and my mum had!!) but the only time i do wish for a girl is when i see cute outfits like these:
I think thats why i'm quite girlie, and at least i get to keep the things for myself!!

We are having a jimmy jammy day today, hot chocolate and biscuits a plenty. Hope you all have a good day x


Pixiedust said...

Hope your Jimmy Jammy day is a good one. I don't have to go to work either. I could do housework, or sit on me bum sewing. uuuummmm I think I'll go for the second one. lol xxxx

MelMel said...

Hi there!
Lovely sunny day here!
I'm cross with CK to, no new magazine style book.....My sister who lives across the road has hers.....last week it came!

Love ~joules clothing.....very fun!xx

lou said...

Cute snowman!
How sweet of your son to make those lovely things, nice too look back on them when he is older!
Love Lou xxx

Jemm said...

Whereabouts in the UK are you located? I heard on the Weather Channel that you don't normally get snow. Did I hear right?

You know when I was pregnant with both girls I literally prayed for boys. I, too, was thinking of all of the arguements when I was teenager. Evidently, God thinks I need to work on some issues, as He handed me 2 girls!!

Bobo Bun said...

I love how the legs keep on getting longer in your sons picture. The way they see us is so interesting. About the boy girl thing, I think you get what you can handle. Boys, too much outdoorsy energy for me, we're very glad we had two girls as suits us completely. Maybe it's all designed just right.

Fete et Fleur said...

Oh, how I'm longing for some cold wintry weather. It is unseasonably hot here where I am.

I adore the clothes in your catalog. The dresses are scrumptious. Thanks for sharing. I hope you're able to forgive CK for being tardy!

;~) Nancy

michelle brown said...

oh, i wish my girls were still young so i can dress them! boy are just not the same!

Little Knitter Gem said...

Wow all those dresses are so beautiful! I got my CK mag beginning of last week, but I usually get them late!!

It's so sweet that your son makes such lovely little gifts for you. :)

Hope you're still enjoying the snow!!

Gemma x x

Heidi said...

What a great man your DH is to come home early to play with your son in the snow! That snowman is just adorable!

Hugs ~