Friday, 6 February 2009

Thank you all for your kind messages yesterday. I had no chocolate in the house because i hadn't been food shopping because of all the snow. we had finished all the hot chocolate the day before!! Luckily after a mad raid, i found some chocolate raisins at the back of the boys snack cupboard, which wasn't quite what i wanted but i devoured them anyway!!

Luckily i can collect my car later today(it's going to cost £214 to fix!! arggghh, not good when moneys tight!!), then i'm off to the supermarket to stock up!!

This lovely picture cheered me up yesterday: I was going through my sons school bag and found it, on the back it said 'To Mummy, i love you so much'. He said he had picked it because he knows i love fairies and he'd done an extra big kiss on the back for me!! x
I hope you all have a lovely weekend. We have a nice one planned. Friends are coming to ours for lunch on Saturday and on Sunday i am going to get 'my colours done' with my Mum and then go to the in laws for a roast. Will tell you more next week. xx


Pixiedust said...

What a pretty picture, bless him. xxxx Have a lovely weekend, enjoy your roast. xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Ah, sweet picture and the message is even sweeter! Cars are such a pain aren't they, I can't drive so we only have one in our household and that's bad enough. Hope you have a great weekend to make up for it xxx

Redwoodhouse said...

Hope you have a lovely weekend, the fairy picture is just delightful what a thoughtful little man.

Thecraftytrundler said...

What a thoughtful little boy, that picture is so special, and I'm sure you will save it!
Your weekend sounds good, it's lovely to have friends around, and that colour session with your mum sounds very interesting! You will have to keep us posted.

Have a great time : )

Sharon xx

Lucy Bloom said...

I can empathise with the chocolate thing - at least you found some in the end! Enjoy your weekend!

lou said...

What a gorgeous picture, I’m glad you found some chocolate :0)
Have a lovely weekend…love Lou xxx