Friday, 30 January 2009

My Friday and a tag.....

I have been tagged by Beckimarie.
All you have to do is post the fourth photo from your fourth file and pass it on to 4 others.

So here is mine. This is a picture of me and my son 3 years ago in Disneyworld Florida. We were in a very large queue to meet Mickey Mouse, my son had never met a character before. Whilst we were waiting Chip (or was it Dale?) Came up to us, hence why my son shot up into my arms. However after that first meeting he was hooked on all the characters (we had to queue to see them all!) He loved it!!
I would love to see photos from these lovely ladies: LittleGem, Sesga loves 1950's, Kelly and Gingerwine.

My Friday
Fridays are enjoyable but busy for me, after taking my eldest to school i take the youngest to his Jo Jingles class. After, there seems to always be errands to run. Today i had to stop off to pick up a perscription at the doctors and go and do some food shopping.

When i returned home i was greeted to more fabric samples and my favourite magazine that i subscribe to - Easy Living. I had a flick through over lunch (a rather yummy hummus, chutney and rocket pannini, on the George Foreman grill of course) and these are the lovely bits that caught my eye:

Lavender bags using leftover fabric

A lovely bench making me wish for the spring to arrive.

And this ladies great home. I wish i had had her daughters bedroom as a child!

The littlest perked up after lunch and a nap, i found him cleaning the playroom whilst i was cleaning the kitchen.

I bought a lovely little hot water bottle while in asda, i've been looking for a small cheap one, this was in the valentines section. I always see my lovely friend and her 2 little girls on a friday so i bought them some biscuit hearts to decorate:

I had a lovely dinner with my husband and i'm going to be watching the new series of Pushing Daisies which i love, mainly for Chucks wonderful clothes. Then i am going to have a nice long read in bed (one of my most pleasurable things to do). I have been reading through What would Audrey do? by Pamela Keogh. Its a lovely book. I have to give you some snippets from it:

'I don't think you have to make just big gestures to be helpful. Every second of every day you can do something. Just a cheerful smile does wonders for a beginning.' Audrey Hepburn

'Manners, don't forget are kindnesses. you must always be kind' Lessons her mother taught her.

I will tell you some more as i get through the book.

I must leave you with this little lady. I gave the little one a flower to play with. Once he had deadheaded it, we decided it looked like a little flower fairy.

Have a lovely weekend xx


LittleGem said...

Thankyou for the tag, I have done the post and will publish it tomorrow :) Love the little hot water bottle, I always need one of them! X

la la Lovely said...

Fun to hear about your day!!!
And I love what you did with the little flower.. so cute!!! Happy weekend to you!
x Trina

Jemm said...

I bought a hot water bottle a couple of years ago too. I never know how to fill it. I'm afraid if I boil the water I'll melt it. So do you just use hot tap water? I don't think they're as common here.

We were at Disney in Florida a year ago. Wasn't it wonderful!! Everything is so clean and well kept. Thank you again for all of your cheerful comments-so lucky to have met you :)

gingerwine said...

Thankyou so much for tagging me...gonna have a blogging frenzy over the weekend!

Love sam xx

Ragged Roses said...

Hope you're having a great weekend! I remember going to Disneyland when I was little and being so scared of all the characters, thanks for the photo it brought back lots of memories. You also just reminded me that I missed Pushing Daises - oh dear ...