Sunday, 22 February 2009

Boats, boats and more boats.

We went on a lovely walk yesterday. I have a book called Kiddiwalks in Essex (walks suitable for kids, not always buggies though, but hey ho, i let the hubby push!). We have been on a couple of the walks already. We went to Burnham on crouch (I love the drive to Burnham, especially on a lovely sunny day like yesterday). The walk was 2 1/2 miles, past the railway line, through fields, over stiles, through a field with a pig!! and past lots and lots of boats. Near the end we stopped off at a playground to let the little ones play. The youngest is poorly at the moment, so he rested in his buggy and i'm sure the fresh air did him good.

It was a great day. The fresh air always makes me so sleepy afterwards though. I dozed with the boys in the car on the way back!!
We called into Blockbuster on the way back and rented out 3 films for the week. We watched 'Bucket list' last night. I wanted to see it at the cinema, but i'm not a fan of Jack Nicholson. I do love Morgan Freeman though, so i decided to go for it. It was such a good film!! Tonight we are going to watch 'Priceless' with Audrey Tatou and for later in the week we have 'Happy go lucky'.

Here is the new book i've just started reading from the library, it's quite good so far and at the end of each chapter it has a recipie.
I had to post this photo of the 2 little boys. The eldest put his swim hat and goggles on to play games on the laptop as he was a 'spaceman'!



Little Knitter Gem said...

Awww how cute!! It looks like you had a lovely day out yesterday. :) It seems like it's going to be a nother glorious day today. I'm itching to get out into the sunshine and get some vitamin K!! :)

Gemma x x

Thecraftytrundler said...

It was a beautiful day, and you really made the most of it!!! It's nice to see the sun, and I'm sure it must have made little one feel better!
Lovely pics, from a lovely day : )

Take care

Sharon xxx

Shabby Chick said...

That looks like a great day, your boys are so sweet!

Mel xxx

Sal said...

Looks like you had a truly wonderful day! ;-)

The White Bench said...

Your boys are lovely, and so looks the book!
I wish I could go for a walk outside, but it is still TOO COLD for me!
Beautiful pics!

lou said...

I think everyone has enjoyed the weather the last few days, it looks like you and your family have had a lovely time.
I love the picture of your boys, so cute!
Love Lou xxx

Julie said...

looks like you all had a lovely walk.... We would love t do more walks as a family, but our 4 year old has very lazy legs. X

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh those Spidey rain boots are too cute!!

m ^..^

Doolallysally said...

We've got the same book :Kiddiwalks in Kent; you've help remind me that we haven't used it for ages! Burnham on Crouch brings back memories of a holiday I had when I was young! I've just borrowed the Bucket List from a friend and both hubbie and I thought it was excellent. Priceless I saw in the cinema with a girlfriend on a wet afternoon and it cheered us up! I'll look out for the book- Today's Special. At the moment I'm waiting for How to live on a pound a day! There's a waiting list of 8 in our library! Love Sal x