Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What i've been up to

Most of last week was still spent with me feeling ill. I don't even feel 100 % now. I'm much better though, just been left with a cough and a bit sniffly.

(Gems parcels to me:)

(What i sent Gem:)

Only in Brighton:

  • Eating peanut butter and jam on toast
  • Mollie Makes christmas book being delivered - its quite nice. I got it on offer when i ordered Granny Chic (I cannot wait for that to be delivered later this month)
  • I took part in an instagram swap. The lovely Gem lives very close to me. She popped round so we could swap parcels. Thanks so much Gem. I love all my gifts, especially the little picture - very thoughtful. (The little rhyme is one that i love that Gem saw down the side of this blog)
  • My Mother in law had sent my hubbie home the previous weekend with choc chip shortbread (my fave) and strawberries and cream - so last week i indulged!
  • I dragged myself out to do a food shop (its amazing how this cold just zapped my energy). I popped in to the charity shop thats recently just opened by the supermarket and bought myself 3 balls of wool for £1.99. I hope to create quite a stash of wool so i can make a big colourful blanket.
  • We often have fajita Friday in our house, this week it was fajita tuesday and wednesday :)
  • I have been trying to lose a bit of weight this year(i think i've done pretty well, as you can see from this blog - i am not strict!!!! I just have smaller portions now - i could never really diet - i love food!!!, i have lost a stone since April. What better way to celebrate getting down to a new stone number on Thursday than with a double kitkat???
  • Friday was my first day out - i was feeling much better so went to have breakfast with my Mum and then later lunch with two friends. I tried to lift my mood by wearing my nice boots (skinny jeans - yay!! i finally feel good enough to wear them) and got out one of my cute cath kidston bags.
  • We had tickets for Shakedown festival in Brighton - to be honest i was still feeling a bit rough - but we headed down anyway.
  • We were upgraded to a beautiful suite!!
  • We had a good time at the festival - i paced myself! But i went back to the hotel achey and with a banging head.
  • The next day the sun was shiny in Brighton, we had a cooked brekkie at the hotel, met up with our friends for a while on the pier and then hubbie and i went to look around my favourite shop (snoopers paradise) and went to the wonderful choccywoccydodah cafe. I had an amazing praline milkshake and the hubbie had a hot choc and a brownie (which he couldn't finish).
  • We went back to my in laws for a roast with all the family and cuddles with my lovely boys who had been staying there.


Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely pics, and glad to hear you feel better now. I'm just getting over it too : (
I love Brighton, my ex's Uncle worked there, at the Marina, and we used to visit quite often! Did you go down The Laines?
Take care,

Sharon xx

Country Rabbit said...

i have total sympathy i've been knocked for six for two days with a tummy bug and my mothers been doing all the school runs. i felt dreadfully rotten. All your lovely images have cheered my soul. lovely swapsie and photographs. i feel totally weak in strength that i'm taking it very easy today now my mothers gone home. big hugs lissylou xx

Vintage Jane said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Brighton, despite your ills. M x

Beki said...

Looking forward to hearing/seeing what the MM Christmas book is like.
Really want to get to visit Brighton again, love it so much there.
Love the Lola cards :o) xx

Linda said...

Sorry you've not been well. Lovely photos as always, thanks for sharing.

Deborah said...

Hope you feel much better soon sweetie, love your photos, I have the Mollie Makes book I love it!

Bee happy x

PS have you entered my giveaway?

Lisa said...

Sorry to read you've been so poorly, glad you have been able to do some nice things still though.
I do enjoy these posts you do, always lots of pretty things!
Lisa x

bee @ thelinencloud said...

How crummy to feel so poorly ... so glad you are feeling better ... your upgrade looked amazing ... lovely swap pressies too ... you deserve that KitKat :) ... Bee xx

vintage grey said...

Such sweet photos! The Mollie makes Christmas book looks great! xo Heather

Josie-Mary said...

Sorry to hear you're still poorly :( Well done on the weight loss :) x

magie said...

Sorry to hear you have been feeling under the weather..hope you feel back to 100% soon!
Glad to hear you had a fun time at the festival in Brighton :)
The choccywoccydodah cafe sounds like my kind of place..yummy!
Have a lovely weekend x