Monday, 22 October 2012

Brown leaves and daisies

It has been a busy weekend.
I went for a girls night out on Friday. Do you like my beautiful new collar necklace?
 Me and the hubbie had a lay in on Saturday and a late cooked breakfast.

We took the boys for a bike ride to the park and then to Costas.

I love Autumn walks

On Saturday evening me and hubbie went for a nice dinner at Wildwoods and then on to a friends for cocktails:

We ended up in a club until we fell into bed at 5am.

Its fair to say that after 2 boozy late nights out, i felt shattered on Sunday.

We had arranged to go to a craft/vintage fair with my mum - so i needed a bit of fuel:

I bought this cute little fairy and a daisy bracelet that only cost £1.50

We headed to a pub for a sunday roast and then home for a spot of crochet before an early night.



Lisa said...

Wow that was a jam packed weekend! Sounds like masses of fun though.
Love the little bracelet, very cute.
Lisa x

thriftwood said...

You must be really hardcore to be able to cope with 2 late nights! It takes me a week to get over one!

Lovely autumnal pictures, and lovely post!

Have a Happy Monday xx

magie said...

Sounds like a good weekend to me..hope you didn't suffer too bad of a hangover x

bee @ thelinencloud said...

Well done you for lasting two nights ... I collapse in a heap after one night out ... I am a total lightweight though :) ... love the bracelet ... very pretty ... Bee xx

Josie-Mary said...

What a busy weekend..... clubbing until 5am? Blimey that's hardcore! xx