Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Ooops i did it again!!

Firstly, i thought i'd show you the very yummy dinner we had last night. Most of our dinners look something like this. We try to get as many veggies in as possible, but we like something quick and easy.
-Uncle Bens long grain wild mushroom rice - 2 mins in microwave
-Asparagus - 3 mins in boiling water
-Tofu, Green pepper, oil and pesto- 5 mins in pan
- Hullomi cheese - 2 mins in pan
All together a yummy meal in 5 mins!!
So, this morning i went and did my weekly shop.
'I don't need anymore magazines' i told myself.
'I'll just go and take a look'.
'No, no, i don't need any magazines, i have enough at home.'
So, I walked away up to the till.
Why do they have to put magazines at the end of the tills??
Grazia:'You know you want me.'
Me:'No i don't, i can't afford your clothes and i can't remember the last time i bought you.'
Grazia:'But look,Jennifer tells Brad to back off.'
Me:'Oh ok then.'
Arghhhhhh!! Why do i keep doing this?,i don't even read Grazia!!
And now i wished i spent abit more money on a magazine that i actually want!!
Oh well, i ooohhhed over these. 'Mmmmm Tiffanys'
And aaahhhed over this. Nicole is so pretty pregnant.
But that was about it - i'll read the articles in bed tonight.
Whilst in the magazine aisle i spotted Vanity Fair with the gorgeous Johnny Depp in the front. I had a flick through and swooned. Oooo he is a good looking man!! I refrained from buying it though (woo hoo!). I did go and have a look at the pics here though. (yum!!)

I found this lovely wrapping paper in Sainsbury's - how gorgeous!!
And bargain tees for the littlest. I love both my boys in red.
Right, i'd better go do some house work.
I'll be drawing the winner of my giveaway tommorrow and hopefully let you know by tommorrow evening.
Enjoy the rest of your week!!


Anonymous said...

I love the wrapping paper ,Would be lovely to decoupage something with it .

Cute tee's .
Love from sesga xx

Taz said...

I really need to tackle my magazine obession please oh wise one teach me :) Off now to drool over Johnny to make me smile x

Thecraftytrundler said...

That wrapping paper looks too good to wrap things with - i'm already thinking of decoupag
e, and other lovely crafty uses for it!!!
Lovely little T shirts too. Unfortanately my nearest Sainsburys doesn't do a lot apart from food : (
I'm a magazine lover too, must restrain myself!
Have a lovely week : )

Sharon xx

periwinkle said...

phwoar -- you know you just would lol

lou said...

What time is dinner tonight????? Just so I know what time to visit! ;0)

Love Lou xxx

Floss said...

I'm in the UK at the moment, so I think I'm going to have a bit of a magazinefest myself this week! After months of French magazines which are hard work to read and don't really match my tastes, I tend to get three or four in one week here and then ration myself on them when I get back to France!

Brad and Jennifer are still news? SURELY not!

Sue said...

Hi there and thanks for commenting on my blog. Now having read this I'm desperate to know all about Mel B's sex life!!!