Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A busy old time Part 1

This is a big old catch up post.
First up some of my buys from my well earned money made through my online shop Poppy and Daisy:

Gorgeous things from Belle and Boo...The new book, Hot chocolate mug and the Happy days mug that is holding pens and pencils in the kitchen. It all comes delightfully wrapped and with free little stickers.

A gorgeous set of teatowels and coloured glasses from Next:

Two new bags (yes 2) I couldn't decide on the colour!! But for only £8 each (From Matalan)!! I had to have both.

And new lovely earrings..also from Matalan.

The new Cath Kidston Magazine came through my door at the weekend....it's a goodie....here is whats on my wish list:

3 Drawer cabinet, floral hoop earrings, and is the house needle book not the cutest one you've seen?

I have loved my CK diary this year, i will be getting this lovely cherry one for 2011 and i love the 3 tin set.

Hmmmm either of these for my sewing box would be lovely:

A blue spray flowers laundry bag:

The prettiest pajamas

Ck bags are very pricy, but so well made...i may save up for the saddle and cinema bags:

Gorgeous plimsoles:

Does anyone know if they sell the little 3 white flowers brooch seperately?

Hmmmm i need to do another fair (I'll tell you about my first fair in part 2) i think to get the money for these lovely things!!!!


This weekend i finally got my pinboard made and hung...i'm really pleased with it:

Look at these gorgeous cards, my lovely best friend bought me back from Brugges. She thought they were very me..she is so right...i'll be framing these!!

Must show you this cheeky pic of my son wiggling his bottom in his new outfit....anyone with boys head to Tesco for a gorgeous 3 piece outfit for £14!!!!



Florence and Mary said...

I love Belle and Boo, I think I need a new mug for Autumn!

Victoria x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh I do love Belle and Boo - so cute and that Cath K stuff is lovely. Ahh your son is so cute and funny with his little wiggly bum!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

ooh love your new notice board too - fab make!

a mermaids purse said...

well earned treats and treasures, beautiful belle and boo goodies x
notice board looks fab ;0)xx
great for puting all ya inspirations on ;0)xxxx ooooh and i love the tea towel- next childrens clothing is gorrrgeous too i looked in there today x

aimi said...

Love the teatowel hun! Keep your eyes on those bags when I'm around or one may go missing-MATALAN here i come!
Doesnt my godson look handsome xx

daisychain said...

Belle and Boo! Love it, so off to shop

Pixiedust said...

Lovely goodies. I've been drooling over the new cath mag too. Pic of your little boy is soooo sweet. xxx

Lisa said...

Lots of lovely, stylish treats there. Belle and Boo is just so cute, love the hot chocolate mug.
Lisa x

Kelly said...

OOOh lovely buys!! The belle and boo mugs are lovely!!!!

bibbitybob said...

Fabulous buys, thanks for sharing. Love the wiggly bottom photo of your little one too :)

Did you reuse cork for your board or did you buy some especially? The reason I ask if I have a frame I'd like to convert, but can't find anywhere selling cork board sheets!! Bibs x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love it all!!! Haven't received a CK catalogue, but ordered one on Tuesday, together with some samples!
Glad you did well at the fair! i'm saving for a new sewing machine with my crafting pennies!!
Your son is sooo cute!!

Sharon xx
P.s Will have to visit Next!!

Rebecca White said...

Hello! So happy that we're swap partners, I think you may just be fun to shop for! ;-) If you need to know anything then my email is purplesparklecrafts @ gmail.com
Becky :-) xxx

a mermaids purse said...

congratulations my lovelies!!!!
you are my winner of my giverway!
my email is kazzybabeshull@live.co.uk xxxx

Poppy said...

Hello, so many things I like, now you have done it…I can feel a shopping trip coming.

Lou xxx

bellaboo said...

My sister popped round today and brought me the latest CK catalogue.There's a few things I'll be putting on my Xmas list! :o)