Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A bit of this, a bit of that

Here is what i sent claire in the SSC Summer Swap:

A shopping bag, choccies for her boys, cocktail sticks, a heart from Poppy and Daisy, CK flannel, a make up bag, a candle, some cloths, fairy cake cases and a VW Camper recipe book.

-Mmmmm..one of the best sandwiches ever?

Burgens Linseed bread with brie, chutney,and spinach:

-Pizza express have a new pizza out: Less than 600 calories?...

....Means i can add some chips then!

-Outrageous toys!!

What is it with the price of childrens toys?

My boys had some birthday money...my eldest decided to get this:

£39.99!!!!!!  for that!!!!!

Awww... anyones elses kids loving Ben and Holly?:

My youngest wanted to get the castle, but it wasn't in stock so he settled for this:

-I actually squealed when i saw this in Sainsburys (Yes sad i know, but i love Charlie and Lola):

-My eldest enjoyed a quad biking party with his friends at school for his 8th birthday on the weekend:
Can you believe one of my little boys, not so little now!!

-It is my Mother In Laws birthday today. I was really pleased with the bits i put together for her:
An Emma Bridgewater tin, tissues and diary, A selection of sweets/chutney, her fave Turkish Delight and a handmade 'With Love' heart (available at Poppy and Daisy)

If anyone is interested in little made up boxes or tins like this i will be adding them to my shop soon, so keep a look out.

Enjoy the week


Heidi said...

I love the care package and that cookbook looks so fun!!
loved the photos my middle boy collected these silly things too! I always thought what a waste but the happiness lasted a week!

this was a fun first stop.

Florence and Mary said...

I'm going to have to hunt that pizza out!

Victoria xx

a mermaids purse said...

two lovely postys in one sunny day- perrrrfect! thank you for Amazon tip off- ive just been very naughty and ordered it! pasta for a week now hehe- like the idea of that pizza and defo would need a few chippys! hehe
i love charlie and lola! we have a talking lola dolly bought her for sophia's 2nd birthday!- she still works and sophia will be four on the 1st oct!...we soooo must get pink milk- wooo wooo's!!! ;0)xxxx

♥coco rose♥ said...

Fab post! I have been eating those pizzas...laughing though, that fewer calories on it means like you...I add more to the plate! ha ha

My sons love Bakugan. Middle son spent £40 on them from his birthday money and you get nothing for that amount. Littlist son likes Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom.....I love it too.....Gaston is my fave!!!!!

Love Charlie andLola too but none of the kids do.....i would have bought the pink milk too...just for me!

The tin boxes look fab, what an excellent idea! Have a great rest of a day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pink Milk said...

I NEED that pink milk! ;-)

Yummy sandwich - it's making me salivate unattractively!


bekimarie said...

EEK squealed myself when I saw the pink milk!
Little man loves Ben and Holly, I didn't realise they done the toys. Must keep a look out ready for Christmas, thanks for the heads up!

B xxx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oh yes mine love Ben and Holly, I think the same people who do Peppa Pig do it. Oohh I like charlie and lola too - so cute and funny! Those made up boxes are fab - what a great idea.

Kelly said...

I want that sandwich!! NOW
I'd love you to pop over and join in my giveaway!

Lisa said...

I love brie though I haven't had any for ages. May have to get some tomorrow now I've seen that sandwich!
Not heard of Ben and Holly, must look that up.
Lisa x

Bumpkin Bears said...

I love collections that are thoughtfully put together like that, your Mother in Law ill be delighted I'm sure. I'm having a giveaway over on my blog that finishes tomorrow if you fancy hopping along. Catherine x

funkymonkey said...

Ooh! Pink milk. Wonderful stuff.


aimi said...

I'm off to buy that pizza, my mouth is watering! Lunch at yours is due hun so I can have that delicious looking sandwich axxxxxx