Wednesday, 29 September 2010


What a lovely day i am having. Amidst the cleaning of my extremely dusty house. (we have just had the kitchen rewired and tiles taken off) I managed to have a lay in, until 8am...lovely!!.
Because the kitchen is such a mess we went out for dinner last night so the boys were up late. I woke at 8 (A slight mad rush to get ready for school, but we managed it)
As we were leaving for school the posty arrived with my fantastic giveaway prize from Kazzy. Thank you so much Kazzy i am delighted.

 I recieved the most gorgeous watercolour, A Tilda sheet of scrap booking images,
 3 Fat Squares of beautiful 'Moda' fabric with small floral pattern, one brown, two turquoise.
A little hand made lavender mouse, A fabric butterfly for sewing, 2 Vintage cotton reels,
Beads, a pin cushion, A vintage looking box, some liqourice allsorts And a Coffee Tin by Cath Kidston

Other treats through the post this week are my lovely buys from Sharon.
 (Hope you don't mind Sharon, i took the pics from your shop)

I love Sharons notebooks...they are great because you can use the covers again and again by adding new notebooks.

I also bought a fat quarter of fabric from Sharon.
You'll be seeing this fabric in makes in my shop soon.

After walking my littlest to pre-school i came home had a big tidy up of the kitchen...although more dust has now settled so not sure why i bothered!!! I checked my emails...i love recieving my puttery posts from Alison and The good list daily emails...... i wrote my grateful list. Something so simple but it sort of sets you up for the day...why don't you try it!

I was listening to Kylie on Radio 1 this morning. I am not a huge fan of Kylie but she sounded fab in the live lounge this morning so i text in (i've never done that before) the gorgeous Sara Cox read my text out....hee hee....simple things really do please me!!!!

What else will the day hold??


Florence and Mary said...

Does this count as making you a radio star now do you think?!

Victoria xx

LaaLaa said...

Lovely, lovely! I'd love one of Kazzy's pictures. I'm very jealous. Lynda xx

a mermaids purse said...

you are lovely!!!! ;0)xxxx
Glad all the swapsie treats made you smile ;0) you deserved them sweetie x Hope those sweeties are ok? as they have been wrapped for a week- ooops! ;0)
love the fabric and notes book you bought!- lovely!!!!
im off to pick up my ickle one now from pre school, best wishes kazzy xxxx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

What lovely goodies you have there. And that drawing by Kazzy is just wonderful. I have one of hers too so I know just how beautiful they are in real life.

Ooo I forgot that Kylie was on today. Love Sara Cox she makes me laugh. I usually switch the radio off after the breakfast show as I cant stand Fearne Cotton! I am never fast enough texting in for radio show. We have tried a few times to the Movie quiz that Sara does but I am too slow!!! he he.

Thank you for your comment on my blog by the way it really means a lot.


daisychain said...

wow, congratulations!

Jille said...

Thank you for dropping by. What lovely gifts! When you try the marmite chocolate let me know...
Jille x

bekimarie said...

You certainly have had a good day :)
I love Kazzys work,you must of been thrilled to open that!

B xxx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a fab day !

Sarah said...

Well, it certainly sounds like you had a great day! thanks for your comment re the caravan - it was my concern too, but the toilets were really clean - just a bit of a pain having to get shoes and coats on to go for a wee! manageable though for the weekend, wouldn't want to do it any longer than a couple of nights!

Poppy said...

I can see why you’ve had a good day! You must have been thrilled with that parcel.

Lou x

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

WOW! Quite a haul... what a fab giveaway!

I sometimes write in to Radio Hereford & Worcester and always get such a thrill if they read it out!!


Kelly said...

Ooooh waht lovely gifts, no wonder you are pleased!!!
glad you are having a good day xxx

bellaboo said...

Those books of Sharon's are gorgeous and I've been lucky enough to win one in her giveaway! Love all the goodies you received. :o)